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Greenville, SC

Trimarni is place where athletes and fitness enthusiasts receive motivation, inspiration, education, counseling and coaching in the areas of nutrition, fitness, health, sport nutrition, training and life.

We emphasize a real food diet and our coaching philosophy is simple: Train hard, recover harder. No junk miles but instead, respect for your amazing body. Every time you move your body you do so with a purpose. Our services are designed with your goals in mind so that you can live an active and healthy, balanced lifestyle.



We realize that no two athletes are alike. We all have different health and fitness goals, we live different lifestyles and we all come from different athletic backgrounds.

We treat every one of our coaching athletes as individuals, recognizing your unique strengths, weaknesses and limitations. It is our goal to help you get the most out of your training so that triathlon enriches your life. We never want you to feel as if training takes over your life but instead, it is part of your lifestyle.

Between us both, we have successfully finished 29 Ironman triathlons and have qualified for the Ironman World Championship ten times. We understand the physical demands of endurance racing and the training needed to properly prepare for an endurance event. No matter what level athlete you are, we want to be part of your training and racing journey.

Marni is a Board Certified Sport Dietitian (CSSD), 16x Ironman finisher and holds a Master of Science in exercise physiology. She is the author of Essential Sports Nutrition and The 365-Day Running Journal. She specializes in sport nutrition and she is a certified USA Triathlon coach. With a great understanding of the physiological and nutritional requirements of training for endurance sports, she enjoys working with triathletes and runners of all levels. She has coached fitness enthusiasts to become Ironman finishers and has helped many age-groupers reach personal best times and achieve life-long fitness goals. She has also helped many athletes improve dietary habits to reach health goals and with an extensive background in sport nutrition, she has helped countless athletes feel confident for race day with a solid race day fueling plan, backed by a healthy diet. 


Karel is an experienced RETUL bike fitter with exceptional skills as a bike mechanic. As a cat 1 cyclist turned triathlete, Karel has the ability to think like a cyclist and triathlete in order to help Trimarni athletes learn how to bike smarter as it relates to gearing, cadence, power, bike fits and pacing. Karel is a 13x Ironman finisher and has competed in the IM Kona three times since becoming a triathlete in 2012. 

Marni and Karel share the primary coaching responsibilities with the Trimarni team. Assistant coach Joe oversees the advanced coaching category when it comes to reviewing workouts, modifications and overall support and motivation. He also has a great eye for data. We are lucky to have him part of our coaching team.

We enjoy the developmental process of working with athletes. We provide great detail and attention to every workout which includes focus on strength training, daily and sport nutrition, pacing, intervals, mental toughness and recovery. Above all, we want our athletes to feel confident and prepared when it comes to racing.

Thank you for considering Trimarni Coaching to help you reach your short and long term triathlon goals. 

After reviewing the individual coaching categories, we encourage you to read the commonly asked questions on the bottom of this page to ensure that Trimarni is the right fit for your needs. 


"Don't lower your expectations to meet your performance. Raise your level of performance to meet your expectations. Expect the best of yourself, and then do what is necessary to make it a reality." 

- Ralph Marston


Individual Coaching
Workout Delivery Every 3-4 weeks Every 2-3 weeks Every 1 -2 weeks
Race Schedule Training built around race schedule, submitted in December. Athlete must give a one-month notice of a change in race schedule for workout adjustements Training built around race schedule, submitted in December. Athlete must give a two-week notice of a change in race schedule for workout adjustements Training built around race schedule, submitted in December. Coaches will modify training for any modifications in race schedule, anytime./td>
Workout modifications Only with advanced notice Modifications once a week, as needed Modifications made anytime
Gadgets Required HR monitor/GPS watch, basic features HR monitor/GPS watch (advanced features), Bike Power meter highly encouraged HR monitor/GPS watch (advanced features), Bike Power meter highly encouraged
Workout feedback (email, phone, skype, facetime) 1x/week from coach Joe 1x/week from Marni and/or Karel Anytime from Marni and/or Karel
Initial consultation prior to coaching Video explaning coaching methods and commonly asked questions Video explaning coaching methods and commonly asked questions One-on-one Skype/Facetime session with coach Joe. Follow-up with Marni and Karel (if needed)
Weekly education (Newsletter, athlete results, Facebook live videos) Yes Yes Yes
Access to private Trimarni Coaching Facebook page Yes Yes Yes
Training Peaks®
Training Peaks® review 1x/week from coach Joe 1-2x/week from Marni/Karel 2-3x/week from Marni/Karel
Testing (Check-points)
Testing Testing at least once per season, assistant coach Joe will establish zones Testing at least once per season, assistant coach Joe will establish zones, feedback given by Joe, Marni and/or Karel Testing at least once per season, assistant coach Joe will establish zones, feedback given by Marni and/or Karel
Strength and Recovery
Strength and Recovery Strength emphasized in training plan. Use of EC Fit Boulder app at a discounted rate (team strength coach Erin Carson). Strength emphasized in training plan. Use of EC Fit Boulder app at a discounted rate (team strength coach Erin Carson). Strength emphasized in training plan. Use of EC Fit Boulder app at a discounted rate (team strength coach Erin Carson).
Nutrition Nutrition and sport nutrition education provided throughout entire season. Fueling questions encouraged. Nutrition and sport nutrition education provided throughout entire season. Personalized fueling guidance for key races. Nutrition and sport nutrition education provided throughout entire season. Personalized fueling guidance as needed, anytime.
Race Execution
Race Planning Education provided throughout entire season on specific races, skills and strategies for all types of race courses. Questions encouraged for future check-in email/video topics. Race results shared in check-in email. Education provided throughout entire season on specific races, skills and strategies for all types of race courses. Questions encouraged for future check-in email/video topics. Files will be reviewed after races with feedback after key races. Race results shared in check-in email. Education provided throughout entire season on specific races, skills and strategies for all types of race courses. Questions encouraged for future check-in email/video topics. Files will be reviewed after races with feedback after key races. Race results shared in check-in email.
Additional Services
RETUL bike fit Discount available Discount available Discount available
Other Benefits
Affiliates/Partners discount Discounts available Discounts available Discounts available
Price $175/month $225/month $325/month
Commitment 1 year 1 year 1 year

The 2020 Trimarni Coaching application period will only remain open until October 4th, 2019.
To be part of the Trimarni team as a one-on-one athlete, we only accept new athletes once a year.

If you were unable to be part of one-on-one coaching but would like to be part of the Trimarni team, consider a Trimarni training plan and join our educational team. New to 2020: Sprint and Olympic training plans!

Apply HERE for coaching.

Educational Team

Do you like what you read or hear from Trimarni on social media? Do you believe in the Trimarni method of coaching and nutrition? Do you want to learn more about the sport of triathlon? Do you want a trusted source to ask questions to and to feel part of a team?

If you said yes, you are the perfect athlete for our educational team. 

For only $35/month, you will receive our weekly “check-in” emails which cover topics like sport nutrition, daily nutrition, race strategies, motivational tips, mental skills, mobility work, strength training, tapering, post race tips, travel tips and so much more! You will be able to ask questions, watch weekly FB live videos and learn from coach Marni and Karel and coach Joe. As a member of our private Trimarni Coaching Facebook page, you can use this page as a resource for non-stop motivation, for asking questions and to access to all of our Trimarni affiliate discounts. You can cancel your $35/monthly payment anytime, with a 30-day notice. We ask for a 3-month minimum when signing up for the educational membership to get the most out of this service.  

Educational Membership

This is an affordable service for the athlete who is seeking continuing education and supplementary information on all triathlon-related topics ranging from training, skill focus, motivation, mental strength, daily nutrition, sport nutrition, race day execution, traveling to a race, mobility, dealing with sickness and injury and so much more!

This $35 purchase provides you with your first month as a Trimarni education team member. After your purchase, we will contact you for your Credit Card information for monthly billing, until you give us a 30-day notice that you wish to cancel your educational membership. 

Trimarni ATHLETE Alumni Program

The coach-athlete relationship is a special one and at Trimarni, we believe you are more than just an athlete and we are more than just “workout writers”. As a Trimarni athlete, we share your life with you. You willingly let us into your life and we get to know you and your family/friends/kids. We share lots of ups and downs together and you confide in and trust us, as your coaches.

We realize that over a period of time, life changes and you may no longer need us as your coach. However, once a Trimarni, you are always part of our family. While you may no longer be a one-on-one athlete, we want to make sure that you have the opportunity to keep your Trimarni athlete identity. 

An important focus for the continued growth of Trimarni is maintaining a connection with our past athletes. With the Trimarni coaching alumni program, we allow our recent coaching athletes to remain connected to their teammates and build new Trimarni friendships.

As a recent Trimarni athlete, we would like to offer you the opportunity to stay part of the Trimarni team.
For only $150/year, you will receive the following:
-Access to the Trimarni team private Facebook page
-Access to weekly Trimarni team Facebook live chats
-Weekly educational check-in emails
-Trimarni affiliate discounts
-Priority to Trimarni training camps
-Team support

-You have been coached one-on-one by Trimarni for 2+ years.

We look forward to keeping you part of the Trimarni family.


Commonly asked questions

1) How do I know what level coaching I should select?

Advanced athlete - with assistant coach Joe
-We design your training to fit into your life, to ensure that your training fits into your work, life and family schedule. Your training is designed with your key races as priority so that you develop and peak appropriately.
-We are focused on your overall development, however you will not receive coaching assistance throughout the season.
-Anytime in your season, you will be able to ask questions to coach Joe.

This coaching service is ideal for:
-The athlete who needs minimal coaching assistance but still wants accountability and support – You want a well-designed training plan that fits into your life and helps you train effectively throughout the season to ensure that you peak appropriately.
-The athlete who is also a coach and does not want to write your own training plan.
-The athlete who has experience following a training plan or is looking for a different style/structure of training.
-The athlete who has great self-management, knows how to modify training, move around workouts and is not injury prone.
-The athlete who is interested in our style of coaching and will likely advance to a higher coaching service in the near future.

This coaching service is not ideal for:
-Newbie/inexperienced athletes
-Injury prone athletes
-Athletes with a complicated life/work schedule, which often requires modifications in training
-The athlete who needs accountability and feedback

Excel athlete - with coach Marni and Karel
-We are dedicated to your overall development and we want to monitor your progression as much as possible.
-We want to help you optimize your athletic performance and we will give you our full attention and support, whenever you need us, along the way. 
-We will be available to you throughout your season, via email, text, phone, Facetime/Skype, anytime you need us.
-We value a long-term relationship as we are invested in your short and long term goals.

This coaching service is ideal for:
-The athlete who wants a close coach/athlete relationship - we will play an integral in your life, we are invested in you as our athlete.
-The athlete who desires constant feedback, accountability, support, education and monitoring.
-The athlete who is extremely dedicated and is willing to make the necessary investments to excel in triathlon.
-The athlete who constantly struggles with consistency and requires a very individualize training plan, that often needs adjustment. 
-The athlete who is coming off an injury or bad coach-athlete relationship in 2019.
-The athlete who is all-in and is excited to take the next step with Trimarni coaching.


Succeed athlete - with coach Marni and Karel
-We design your training to fit into your life and we build your training around your 2020 race schedule.
-We value a long-term relationship as a succeed athlete, and we want to help you reach your short and long term goals.
-We monitor your training on a weekly basis to ensure that you progress effectively throughout the season. While you may not always hear from us throughout the week, we are "watching" you to ensure that you are properly developing. 
-We are focused on your overall development and we will monitor your progression throughout the season.

-If you do not fit into the Advanced or Excel category, you will get everything that you need as an athlete, from us as your coaches, as a Succeed athlete.

2) Why don’t you coach runners or cyclists? 

Although running and cycling are part of a triathlon, they are two completely different sports (compared to triathlon) with different styles of training and physical requirements, relating to pacing, execution and nutrition. With a combined 29 successful Ironman finishes, including 7 Ironman World Championship finishes and over 20 half ironman distance triathlon finishes, including several male and female overall amateur wins, Marni and Karel are elite endurance triathletes who specialize in coaching endurance triathletes.

It’s important that athletes understand that when you are a triathlete, you are training for the sport of triathlon. All of our education, focus and passion is dedicated to the sport of endurance triathlon (half and full distance triathlons). Long distance triathlons may not be a new sport but the sport of triathlon is changing and evolving. We keep up with current research, trends and training methodologies and we have a few experienced mentors for guidance. All of which ensures that our athletes receive the best style of triathlon training possible, every race season, with confidence that we are 100% invested into the sport of triathlon as full-time triathlon coaches. 


3) Am I allowed to run a marathon, even though I am training for a triathlon?

While we don’t mind if you participate in a running race (5K-half marathon) as it can be nice to break up the monotony of triathlon training, especially in the winter or spring, our intention is to train you for your triathlon races. But keep in mind that never will your training plan be run-focused, just because you have a running race on your schedule. If you have a running race (or a few) on your planned 2017 race schedule, we will help you select the most ideal running races for you and we will discuss how to  fit them into your training. While you may PR (often our athletes do with a smart pacing strategy), it is not our focus to help you become a better runner as we want you to become a better triathlete. 

If you are a Trimarni athlete, we will not coach you if you have a marathon on your racing schedule. First off, as discussed, we are not running coaches. Also, it takes a tremendous amount of consistency and running load to train for a marathon and this simply takes away from triathlon training. For a time-crunched, busy, goal oriented triathlete, we need all of your focus to be on how to maximize your training time and energy so that you can advance your triathlon fitness and stay consistent, healthy and injury free throughout the season, as a triathlete. More so, we need to teach you how to race smarter - not just run faster. Because our job is to develop you throughout the season, we don’t believe in dividing your year into a run season and then a triathlon season. Additionally, we don't believe that to be a better triathlete, you need to become a better runner through marathon training. We have found great success in helping triathletes become faster runners off the bike through specific workouts, designed to improve resilience, strength and endurance. From our experience, the majority of triathletes will find it detrimental to long term development to train for a marathon (even if it is “just for fun”) but more so, a marathon does not help you become a better runner off the bike. When’s the last time you saw a professional endurance triathlete race in a marathon?


4) I’m not fast, will you still coach me?

Absolutely! We believe in developing our athletes. We have experience working with all level triathletes. We are masters at helping athletes improve swim/bike/run skills, nutrition habits, lifestyle routines, racing tactics and we help athletes learn how to train consistently – all of which will help you become a faster, stronger and better all-around triathlete. Plus, fast is all relative. If you want to experience success as an endurance triathlete, you don’t need to be fast. You simply need to be great at not slowing down. 


5) I have big race goals, will you coach me? 

We are honored that you are considering Trimarni coaching to help you reach your athletic goals. Over the years, we have worked with many athletes who have progressed to new exciting levels in fitness, all through hard work, consistency and trust in their coaches. We have had athletes podium at races, achieve PRs, cross the finish line at a half or full distance triathlon for the first time and qualify for the Ironman World Championship. While we appreciate that you are putting your trust into us as your coaches, we believe that you are already on your way to achieving your big scary race goals, simply because you are willing to make the necessary investments in your daily and triathlon lifestyle. We look forward to working with you.


6) Can you explain more about the educational team? 

The educational team is our way of helping you learn about the sport of triathlon. While there is no shortage of information available to triathletes, in magazines and books, on the internet, on forums and blogs, it can be difficult to decipher the “best” information for you and your needs and how to apply what you read. As a member of our educational team, not only do you have the opportunity to ask questions to Marni and Karel, but you have an unlimited amount of education coming your way, on topics that you will find practical and season-appropriate, throughout the year. This service goes well with our training plans so that you can learn from us as you follow your personalized training.

A highlight of our educational team is the weekly “check-in” handout that you will receive in your inbox once a week. This is in addition to other videos, questions and conversations that will help you with your triathlon knowledge. Every week, you will read about a specific training, racing or nutrition topic that will be relevant to your season but also to the sport of triathlon. Perhaps it was a question you asked about how to ride your bike in the wind or how to fuel for a long run or maybe you never knew how to properly run up hills or how to taper for a long distance triathlon?  The topic choices are limitless and that is why we have found great athletic success among our educational team athletes - they are simply excited to learn and apply, learn and apply.
Also, you have access to our private team Facebook page. We understand that training can often be lonesome and sometimes your family and non-tri friends don’t always “get you”. Our private team page is an outlet where you will never be judged, there are no silly questions and the support, motivation and inspiration is never-ending.  If you ever need to laugh or smile, there’s a good chance that you can come to our Trimarni private team Facebook page and your day will suddenly get better. We see our private team page as a way for our athletes to connect and to make friendships with teammates. 


7) Do I have to be a Trimarni coaching athlete to participate in a group or private training camp? 

Anyone can attend a Trimarni group or private training camp but be sure to sign up quickly as they will sell out.  

Our private camps are the perfect option if you need personal attention. In Greenville, SC. where we hold our private camps, we can give you the perfect train-cation near the mountains as we address your specific needs to create the perfect training experience. Our roads are bike-friendly and our mountain views are incredible.
Private training is an efficient, valuable and informative solution if you have particular limiters which are preventing consistency in training or keeping you from getting to the next level with your fitness. All skill levels are welcomed. Our camps tend to be cycling specific (if desired) as we have the perfect terrain to help you improve your bike handling skills, combined with an experienced cyclist turned triathlete to give you one-on-one attention.
Our group camps offer the perfect mix of training, skill focus, education and fun and we can promise that you will leave camp with improved fitness and confidence and long-lasting memories, with new friends.  
Retul fits are provided at our group and private Greenville camps for an additional charge.