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Greenville, SC

Trimarni is place where athletes and fitness enthusiasts receive motivation, inspiration, education, counseling and coaching in the areas of nutrition, fitness, health, sport nutrition, training and life.

We emphasize a real food diet and our coaching philosophy is simple: Train hard, recover harder. No junk miles but instead, respect for your amazing body. Every time you move your body you do so with a purpose. Our services are designed with your goals in mind so that you can live an active and healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Nutrition Coaching

Do you want to create a healthier relationship with food?

Do you need to discover the personal weaknesses and strengths in your personal diet, specifically how food affects your weight, performance and/or overall health? 

Do you want to develop a healthy relationship with your body as you create a more balanced style of eating?

Do you have a desire to learn more about what you should eat in order to maximize performance, reduce training/racing GI distress or see/feel a change in body composition?

I'm here to help.

2 month lifestyle consultation - $225

IMPORTANT: This program is dedicated to the athlete who is ready for a new lifestyle. Life is not balanced and you are  seeking this service because you are ready for a more balanced lifestyle. Due to the individual-focus of this program/service, I only work with 4 individuals at a time. Spaces will fill up quickly and you may be placed on a waiting list - but it will be worth the wait. Please do not purchase the lifestyle consultation until you have sent me an email explaining your desire to change your lifestyle and to express desire to take part in this life-changing program. I do not charge for email communication and I'm happy to set up a complimentary phone call to decide if the lifestyle consultation is the right service for you. 

Topics covered in the lifestyle program (not limited to):

-Weight loss, maintenance or gain

-Developing a healthy relationship w/ food and the body
-Suffering from disordered eating patterns, in need of food freedom

-Exploring/discussing your dietary options to meet individual needs: vegetarian, vegan diet, gluten-free, low cholesterol, low sodium, etc. 

-GI distress or intolerances which may affect performance/fitness

-Food allergies, intolerances which may affect performance/fitness/health
-Pre, during and post-pregnancy (weight and/or health-focused) nutrition, specifically for athletes and fitness enthusiasts
-Maximizing athletic performance (pre, during, post training nutrition, minimizing GI  distress, reducing risk for cramping, dehydration, underfueling and overfueling, etc.)
-Balancing life with training/fitness
-Learning how to live a healthier, more balanced lifestyle - sleep, stress management, balanced training plan.

What is included in the lifestyle consultation?

-One-time payment, 2-month support:

  • Complete individual questionnaire and goal sheet (which will be sent after payment) for a better understanding of your lifestyle as well as completing short and long-term goal sheet (exercise, nutrition and life goals)
  • Schedule a 20-30-minute initial phone (or Skype) consultation to discuss goals, questionnaire and answer questions. 
  • Lifestyle consultation pre-built guide - includes my personal philosophy, short bio, helpful nutrition helps, fitness suggestions, sample grocery list, Trimarni creations/recipes, sample plan of eating, key points. This is your go-to guide for a better understand as to how I will help you move closer to your goals. 
  • Frequent, 1-2-day food log (which will be sent to you) with detailed feedback via phone and/or email with "tweaks" to move you closer to your goals.
  • Weekly communication, tweaking (diet/fitness/daily habits) and accountability that you are moving closer to your goals. Every week you will have something to focus on in your lifestyle consultation so it is important that you are comfortable communicating with me on a weekly basis with updates, feedback and comments, questions or concerns. Remember - I am here for you and we will work as a team. 
  • As needed weekly email/phone support to answer immediate questions or concerns.

What can I expect?

  • Individual attention and excellent communication. 
  • Every athlete/individual will complete a nutrition consultation form. The consultation form allows me to focus on your lifestyle, diet and exercise routine and to understand the role of food in your life.  This form allows me to recommend the best dietary, fitness and health changes/improvements in order to make you feel and perform better on a daily basis. 
  • Even if you are not an "athlete", this lifestyle consultation will help you better understand how to live a more active and healthful lifestyle. Because we must eat for fuel and for health, my primary focus is to help you learn how to eat and exercise/train to increase your metabolism, reduce soreness after exercise, increase energy and stamina, develop a healthier relationship with food/body and improve overall well-bring. 
  • Every individual will receive the pre-built program guide with information, not limited, on the following:
    1) My bio
    2) My personal business philosophy
    3) List of practical tips for balanced living
    4) A detailed grocery list encouraging a "whole-food" diet
    5) Plant-strong creations
    (I do not promote or endorse a "meat-free" diet but rather I encourage you to eat a wide variety of plant-based, whole foods in order to improve overall health, reduce risk for disease and improve fitness. 
  • Additional handouts, links, blog posts and tips will be provided during the course of the 2-month nutrition consultation as needed, in order to keep you on track. I understand that as life changes, so does the diet and exercise routine. I am here to help guide you along this nutritional journey.
  • My goal is to continuously work with you for the duration of your 2-month lifestyle journey by reviewing lifestyle logs (food/exercise) and communicating with you. 

    My focus for this program:
    My passion is helping you learn how to eat for fuel and for health. I am not here to give you a meal plan, make you eat like me, partake in mass-marketed fad diets, train like a triathlete or tell you what not to eat. My goal is that by the end of your 2- month lifestyle journey you will feel like an entirely new person - someone who is confident, motivated and passionate about living a quality-filled, balanced life. Also, you will feel more control over your cravings, have food freedom, a better relationship with your body, you will understand how to plan the diet to meet personal needs (both for health and training/exercise), you will start your journey of reducing risk for disease and illness, you will minimize or eliminate stressful/emotional eating, you will appreciate sleep and stress mananagement tools and most importantly, you will create long-lasting habits that will benefit you throughout your entire life.