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Greenville, SC

Trimarni is place where athletes and fitness enthusiasts receive motivation, inspiration, education, counseling and coaching in the areas of nutrition, fitness, health, sport nutrition, training and life.

We emphasize a real food diet and our coaching philosophy is simple: Train hard, recover harder. No junk miles but instead, respect for your amazing body. Every time you move your body you do so with a purpose. Our services are designed with your goals in mind so that you can live an active and healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Trimarni Blog

A blog dedicated to exercise, nutrition and my life

Night before Ironman World Championships

Marni Sumbal

Bike check-in was exciting! The line went quickly but you had to go through so many people in order to actually make it in the transition area. First there was the helmet check, then the bag check (bike and run bags), then the bar ends, brakes and anything else. It was so cool to have spectators around for the bike check. There was a white fence surrounding the athletes from the crowd and before we got into the transition area there were "counters" for all the websites to see who has the official bike count for the Ironman. I had a couple pics of my bike (she's worthy of it!) and I was proud to be accompanying seduza into the transition area. After I got into transition, I ran into my parents and my mom walked me to my rack. I'm so lucky to have a blood-related volunteer. Hehe. After placing my rear back tire into the wooden rack I dropped off my bags. My bike placement is in the very back of the transition area but that's ok. We all have to go the same way. I re-rehearsed the swim to bike and bike to run since the changing tents are after you grab your bags from the rack. Once it was time to leave I felt more anxious to get things going. Not sure how my hip will hold up but I'm not feeling any pain. Just a bit uncomfortable. So I guess after I survive the bike (which will be incredibly hard) I will have to gather enough mental strength to get over the big hill on palani to start my 26.2 mile run.
I just finished dinner (a little later than I planned cause I just wasn't hungry) and I had my normal sweet potato and bread (outback replica). I added in a couple egg whites and tomato and I am ready for bed! The alarm is set for 3:45am and I will be heading to the race at 4:40am. Race starts at 7am and I'm sure I will enjoy the body marking with the stamps. Not sure who will be featured on the live video aside from the pro's but for those who are watching for me I will be wearing a white Zoot top (w/ Zoot in light green across the front) and black shorts with a light green strip on the sides. My lucky pink helmet for the bike and you can't miss the sexy Seduza that I will riding. Race number #1787 and I'm in the 25-29 age group.Check for all the race details. Remember the 6 hour earlier time change. I have no expected finishing time but to simpy finish. I feel like I can have a strong swim under 1:10 but I am not sure how hard I will be kicked during the swim and how many times I will get ran over by the men (and fast women) that I will be starting with in the front of the pack. As far as the bike, I would hope that I will be around 5:45 (since I was training for 5:30) but the winds and climbs will be tough. I don't think my hip will hurt me for the bike but the heat will also be another factor. AS far as the run, I hope to run. No goal time just a nice and comfortable pace that I can hold for the marathon. Can't wait to finish and eat a yummy piece of pizza! Oh and ice cream. And pancakes on sunday morning!!!
I want to thank everyone for putting up with my through my entire Ironman Training season and especially during the last month with my injury. I want to give a special thanks to Matt Hess, Hunter Orr, the Swim Fit Palm Harbor swim team, my YMCA spin class, the Gearlink cycling team, Mike Baleno, Carlos Salinas, my Beginner Triathlete friends, Ron (BT), Celia Dubey, Christi Cranford, Roberta Klar, Ray Reinders, Angela B. (BT) and my graduate school friends (meag, Kori, Meri). I also want to give a very VERY special thanks to my family (mom, dad and aaron) for putting up with me and my crazy habits and routines. For never doubting my ambitions and for always believing in me even when I didn't believe in myself. I thank my family for encouraging me to pursue my goals even though many of my goals seem like dreams to most people. I appreciate their support, enthusiasm and I don't know how they put up with me with all my ups and downs during my Ironman training. I've completely dedicated my life to this race over the past year and my family, grandparents, relatives and friends have supported me and encouraged me to work towards my dream. My dream is finally here and I will be living out this fantasy tomorrow. October 13th, 2007 will be a day I will never forget and I can't wait to get to the finish line and say that I did it. That finish line means more to me than anything I have ever done.
And if you thought I forgot...KAREL!!! What would I do without Karel. Not only does he put up with me day after day (some days seem longer than he would like with me :) but he supports me. He lets me be me and I love him so much for that. He makes me laugh, he understands what I go through with my training and racing and he encourages me to reach my dreams. Not sure if he gets the vegetarian thing but I know he secretly enjoys the veggie meat in the fridge! I met Karel before I was an Ironman and I was so worried that he wouldn't understand my passion for triathlons. Not only does he understand my love for triathlons (well, kinda- hehe) but he supports my drive and ambitions for swimming, cycling and running. I would not be the cyclist I am now without him and my bike wouldn't look so gosh darn sexy without him. I would not have met all my friends on the Gearlink cycling team and because of him I appreciate cycling so much. I think he is an amazing cyclist and I love him because of his drive, ambition and passion for cycling.
Well-I better get off to bed. Time to settle down, rehearse the race course and mentally prepare myself for the hardest endurance event in triathlons. Can't wait to give the race report!
Thanks everyone for the emails! Very encouraging and I appreciate the time for thinking of me. Enjoy the race coverage on and I can't wait to hear who wins!