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Greenville, SC

Trimarni is place where athletes and fitness enthusiasts receive motivation, inspiration, education, counseling and coaching in the areas of nutrition, fitness, health, sport nutrition, training and life.

We emphasize a real food diet and our coaching philosophy is simple: Train hard, recover harder. No junk miles but instead, respect for your amazing body. Every time you move your body you do so with a purpose. Our services are designed with your goals in mind so that you can live an active and healthy, balanced lifestyle.

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A blog dedicated to exercise, nutrition and my life

Busy...but productive

Marni Sumbal

A few pics from this past weekend. The day started at 6:00 am. I woke up to Karel putting on his HR monitor and by the time I poured myself a cup of coffee he was out the door for his warm-up ride w/ several standing starts. I was on my bike at 6:30am for a 1:45 ride. I didn't see Karel so I think we went opposite directions. I felt really good on my road bike and the time just passed before I was at my turn around point. My speed sensor wasn't working so my speed ranged from 8mph to 22 mph and I came home from my hour and 45 min. ride with 13 miles...hum, I don't think that is right. Karel said he would get that fixed for me, probably my battery or sensor. After the ride I did a few sets of ab exercises on my stability ball (which is also used as my chair for my computer..I recommend sitting on a stability ball rather than a chair). I hoped in the shower, cleaned myself up and grabbed a yogurt, glass of milk and some nuts. Not my real breakfast but enough to get me through the next hour. I was off to the park to personal train someone and by 10 am my morning responsibilities were over. So, back to home to make myself some oatmeal. Never too late for oatmeal and raisins! Because of my classes being mon through wed I really look forward to thurs and fri to catch up on "career" stuff. I spent a good two hours re-writing the nutrition description for the page. I wanted to make things a little more descriptive. I have had such great success with people so far but I want to be sure I am clear on all the great things people get with the nutrition programs. This is the old description of the nutrition program but I will keep you posted on when the new descriptive one is posted.
  • BT Nutrition Program
  • After working on some BT stuff, I finished up an article for Judy at Iron Girl. I am following a trend of New You articles on my Taste column and the third article is on grocery shopping. I am not sure when it will be published but keep checking. I included a grocery list for everyone and what to look for in those foods. I think the New You Part 2 article on food labels was really helpful so now people should know what to look for in foods. After the article for Judy was sent I started working on a plyometric write-up for a future BT video. That article was interupted by laundry folding while catching up on Ellen for the past week. I tape her everyday..My dream is to be on her show talking about nutrition..I just love her show..she is so positive, energetic and giving. Well, after laundry folding I decided to clean. Wow, so domestic today! This is kinda a shocker because Karel is usually the one who cleans..I enjoy washing dishes and keeping the kitchen clean but Karel is big on cleaning the floor and the bathroom and the vacuming and the straightening. So I thought I would help out today and dust and straighten one room (TV room). Hehe, that's all I did but at least I contributed :) After I "cleaned" I checked the fridge and realized I needed to get groceries. With Karel racing two crits this weekend in Orlando and spending the night on sat (I am not going due to studying...BOO!!!!) I needed to get him some of his favorite race-weekend foods. I decided if I was going to drive to the store I might as well go to the gym and run. That's what you think when you need to get groceries, right??? Since I hate driving around town but I do it all the time, I might as well go for a run since I would be out and about. I get to the Y around 3:50 (yes, all that and it is not even 4!) and hope on the treadmill just in time to watch Oprah. Since Ellen is taping at home I wasn't concerned about watching her on the TV in front of me so I kinda had the best of both worlds. I listened to Oprah (with my sony radio tuned in to the plasma tv from the wall at the Y) on one TV and read subtitles for Ellen all while running. What I do best, multitasking! I did have a magazine with me but I thought that would be a bit much for my brain to handle. Well, I guess watching TV worked in my advantage today because I had planned for a 3-4 mile run and before I knew it, 30 min. had passed by and I was feeling super good. I decided to do my 5 min hard, 5 min easy, 4, 4, etc. set to give me 30 more minutes of running. Well, in total I did 7.5 miles and I wasn't even tired when I jumped off. Still no speed but I am working on it. I say no speed because I am comparing to where I was before I got injured (more like IMFL time where I was running super fast). Today I was running comfortably at 7.5-8 mph for those hard intervals but that is ok. I am not wearing my HR monitor (Need to dig it out from Kona stuff) but i can tell I am not pushing too hard on those 8mph intervals. No heavy breathing and heart is not too high. It is more about my leg and teaching it how to run fast again. I did a few arm and leg exercises and I cleaned myself up before grocery shopping. So, now it is 5:30 and I hear from karel that he is heading to his friend's house to get some bike stuff and work on his bike. he got his new fork (due to the crash last weekend) yesterday but it was squeeky for some reason. So now I am home and just hanging with Smudla (our cat) and debating if I will open my medical terminology book to study for my practical on wed. errr, don't feel like it!
    Well, I guess this was a productive day. I wouldn't consider Busy a bad thing for me. I seem to work better and feel more accomplished on the days when I just don't have time to slow down.