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Greenville, SC

Trimarni is place where athletes and fitness enthusiasts receive motivation, inspiration, education, counseling and coaching in the areas of nutrition, fitness, health, sport nutrition, training and life.

We emphasize a real food diet and our coaching philosophy is simple: Train hard, recover harder. No junk miles but instead, respect for your amazing body. Every time you move your body you do so with a purpose. Our services are designed with your goals in mind so that you can live an active and healthy, balanced lifestyle.

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Feeling fishy

Marni Sumbal

This is Karel's hobby, Smudla's TV and my way to put a smile on my face. I love our 8 fishies (+5 in the other tank).
Things just haven't been the same. I've been busy..well, that is normal. But i miss my routine. I miss swimming at Palm harbor on tues and thurs, I miss my interval tues and I miss my sat morning long runs on the trail. I miss being able to go see my parents whenever I wanted (when time permitted for the 45 min drive) and I miss seeing familiar faces. Now I don't know where to swim, when to do an interval run, who I am passing on my bike (hehe, thought Karel would like me phrasing it that way) and what else to do on the weekends when I am here.
This morning I went to the Brooks YMCA which is 7 miles away. I probably drive 20 miles (if that) a week now so I was hesitate of committing to a Y so far away. . I wanted to swim with the masters team at 6am so I arrived early in order to check out the facility. This was one amazing facility. I didn't have time to scope out everything but the gym was huge, there was so much equipment and the locker room was beautiful. I went into the indoor pool and swam by myself for 1900 until other swimmers came. The level of swimmers was a bit below me but when it come to swimming I could care less. Give me people to swim with who do triathlons and I love being in the water with other people. A guy named Aaron happened to swim in my lane, so I introduced myself, told him about Karel and he said that he had Karel work on his bike on fri. small world.....but I think the accent from karel is allowing people to remember him easily. Czech who works on bikes=easy to remember. There was a workout on a white board because the coach is on maternity leave but it was a tough workout. My shoulders are really hurting after the 3600yd workout but I think that is because I have only swam 3 times since I moved. I am ready to get in the water more now that I think I found my Y!
Well, that was only the start. I went into the gym and jumped on the treadmill. First I had to pick a tv station because there was a tv on the dashboard of the treadmill. Not a screen sticking up and out of the top of the treadmill. This was amazing! The screen looked awesome and I easily did a 40 min. run with 5 x 2 1/2 min at 7.7 mph and 30 sec at 8mph. I just got new brooks yesterday so my feet are feeling really happy but my running is really coming along. I am feeling really strong and comfortable at a warm-up pace of 7.5 mph. Wow, what a long way I have come.
After the run I did some weights. Something else I haven't done in a LONG time. Impressed again..the machines had counters on them (all electronic) and once you started the counter kept track of your reps. Wow!
I went to take a shower and the lockers had electronic key pads that you punch in a 4 digit code (whatever you will remember) and you can have a locker anytime you want. The showers had nice smelling shampoo, conditioner and body gel (not the cheap kind) and there was a room just to dry your hair with special lighting. Ok, so I passed on that room since my only makeup is mascara and lipgloss and once I dry my hair it goes into a poof ontop of my head but i was still impressed. And there were towels as well all over the gym and bathroom. What a great place!
I guess I will be joining the Y shortly! This way I feel like I can have a place to go to and meet people. I just love the gym environment but I want to be sure I don't stop my consistent riding. Karel is letting me ride with him more now that I can draft better and I am a bit faster so that is a lot of fun. We are riding together tomorrow so I will rest my sore shoulders.
Other than that, I think I can start establishing a routine here. I know it takes time but at least I know I always have great friends and family back in Clearwater.