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Greenville, SC

Trimarni is place where athletes and fitness enthusiasts receive motivation, inspiration, education, counseling and coaching in the areas of nutrition, fitness, health, sport nutrition, training and life.

We emphasize a real food diet and our coaching philosophy is simple: Train hard, recover harder. No junk miles but instead, respect for your amazing body. Every time you move your body you do so with a purpose. Our services are designed with your goals in mind so that you can live an active and healthy, balanced lifestyle.

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A blog dedicated to exercise, nutrition and my life


Marni Sumbal

That would be Campy and me.
My morning started at 4:40am. Campy was in no mood to get up but he didn't want to be alone in bed. Karel is usually the one who gets Campy up in the morning (yes-Campy LIKES to sleep in until about 6:30!! Who does that in the Sumbal household???)
After I quickly made my coffee and let Campy out for a quick squirt in the bushes I was off to the Y.
5:15am I was on the treadmill and 1 hour and 35 minutes later I had ran a little over 12 miles. Because the treadmill only allowed me to do 30 continuous minutes, the workout went by super fast. It was more like 3 x 30 min sessions. I did get a little bored (even with my radio) after the first 30 min. so I did my favorite quickie set of 6 min @ 7.7mph
6 x 45 sec @ 9mph
5 min @ 7.7
5 x 45 sec @ 9mph
I finished my sweaty workout with some crunches and I went home to take a shower. Now that I think about it, I usually do my "long" run with toast and PB and this morning I had water during the workout and nothing before. I guess my body is pretty efficient right now. Time to really step up the training for the upcoming races!
I made myself a PB@J for the road and Campy and I were off to Clearwater.
Plans changed for us today because Kate had a few misfortunes with her trip and housing situation.I'm sure she will explain on her blog but lets just say that the airlines do not cater to World Championship 70.3 Triathlete gear bags and you might not be able to get into the rental house that you already paid for.
Anyways, I met Kate's sister (Chelley) at the Pier and Campy introduced himself to Kate. Since we haven't seen each other since Iron Girl Atlanta, it was great to see her!
I ran into a few other familiar faces and everyone congratulated me on the marriage and asked where my husband was at. Well, I left him at home and took the dog with me :)
After driving the bike course with Kate, her sis and her two friends, Chelley dropped off Kate at the Sheraton to shower and rest and Chelley and I picked up John at the airport. At this point (around 12:30) we were STARVING so we stopped by MOE's (karel and my favorite fast food/sit down restaurant) and I got the personal trainer salad and Chelley got herself and John the Homewrecker (Love the name, right?). I recommend that wrap because that is Karel's favorite.
After picking up John, we headed back to the pier and I was dropped off to meet up with my friend Angela ( who I had never met! She was one of my first nutrition consultations about 2 1/2 years was so nice to put a face to a name. I didn't even say "nice to meet you" cause I felt like I already knew her so well. I just love meeting bloggers!
After chatting a bit I had to make a quick phone call to Karel for her regarding tire pressure the night before a race and tubular tires and it was nice to talk to Karel for the third time today (yes, we talk a lot. Short convos and lots of texts. I just can't get enough of him and usually I inconveniently call when he is super busy at work).
After getting my car (and a parking ticket...errr) I headed to Kate's hotel to give her the FELT and say good-bye. I had a little goodie bag for her but of course, it was her favorite goodies for AFTER the race. TOOTSIE ROLLS of course and Twizlers. Gotta have something to look forward to for after the race.
So, after intending to spend the night, Campy and I headed home to my parents and I will head down to Clearwater at 5am in the morning.
Campy was a trooper today. He was super tired in the car and slept on any lap he could find for the many hours we were driving around and he had a great time sniffing and squirting (peeing) on every new spot in clearwater beach. He was absolutely the center of attention and aside from giving a big bark to show off his manliness to a few bikes and dogs, he was his normal kind, loving, sweet self and everyone wanted to pet him. Even Desiree Ficker greeted Campy in the water as we were walking to go see Kate. Yep, Campy is one lucky dog :) I wish I had a pic of that one. I think Karel would have liked a pic of Desiree too.
As for tomorrow, I am sure I will have plenty of pics. However, Campy will not be coming with me. He was so tired and worn out today and it was just a lot for him. I'm sure he would be fine tomorrow but it is hard to take pics, get food, go to the bathroom and watch a race with a dog. I love my doggy but it is the World Championships and I must have my game face on :)
Good luck to everyone tomorrow. I can't wait to cheer loud for everyone! Aside from the IMAZ athletes, I think Sunday will officially start the triathlon off-season for most people!!! :)WAHOO