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112 mile (180K) Webster-Roubaix race report

Marni Sumbal

I don't think a race report could possibly sum up this race.
To make this short, here's a recap from the LCA race team blog:

Karel Sumbal, our Czech Republic connection, was the sole member of team Lindner Capital Advisors to make the trip to race the long, hot, and dusty Webster-Roubaix. Racing on these types of roads were similar to the major highways and byways of his motherland, so he felt right at home. With many miles fought on dirt roads, this was a 4 1/2 hour epic event. Karel established himself in the winning break, and then fought on to take 8th place. An awesome ride on a brutal course. This was one of the remaining four Florida Cup series events.

Here's Karel's brief email update on how the race went:

"The Webster was brutal!!! Half way through the race I got into the counter attack of 5 and we were chasing the first break of 3. Than another 3 guys came across from behind. We caught the 3 guys at the front and it was the move of the day with eleven guys total. We were gaining time on the field but I started to cramp and it was still a looong way to go. I had to soft pedal and was not able to push very hard, so when Phill Gaimon and Juan Gaspari attacked the break I could only watch them go away. Than another 2 guys went clear and we were racing for 5th place. I finished 8th as I really couldn't push and was in all kinds of pain."

With his 8th place, he's taken another step towards the coveted Florida Cup. With only 3 races left, a Lindner Capital series victory is well within reach.

Well, here's my recap of the race:
I started my day at 5:20 am with a 1 hr and 20 min. trainer ride (intervals) and a 6 mile run. We left at 8am and 3 hrs later we arrived at Webster. Karel raced at noon (I think he started around 12:20ish) with the Pro's. This is a great race to watch but it sure was a long day.
Campy and I had a great time at the race. Although it was long (12 x 9 mile loops with 2km per lap of hardpack limestone and dirt), we were happy to support Karel. If you ask me, you know what's Ironman. Honestly, I have no trouble spending the day in the middle of nowhere watching Karel keep his 1st place Florida Point Series standing.
Campy was pooped after the race and so was Karel. He could barely stand when he got back to the car. In the middle of somewhat fainting and complete exhaustion, he managed to collapse on our chair and guzzle a few bottles of water. I was very successful feeding Karel from laps 5-11 (1 bottle per lap) except for lap 10 where Karel missed the bottle from my hand. He said that was Ok because he had a full bottle from the last feed on his bike.
Karel told me at lap 5 "my legs are cramping SO Bad". What a bummer to feel pain for 40+ miles. I know Karel's cramping was not nutrition -related. It was hot out and Karel takes a bit of time to acclimate to warm weather. Just a note to all you athletes who are about to pick up volume/intensity in increasing temps - recognize that when you get hot from warm temps your blood must go to the skin for cooling. Some people take longer to acclimate to warmer temps because the body may take a while to perform at a pace that you are used to without a rapid spike in HR. Whereas in cooler weather you may feel GREAT because you have plenty of blood to go to the working muscles, your body is a bit more compromised in the heat.
I am so proud of Karel. He gave everything he had to not drop out of the race. Considering that only 23 people finished the entire race (47 starters), it is absolutely amazing how deep Karel dug to stay in the race.
After 4 hours and 24 minutes, Karel finished 8th in a 5 man break. There were 2 x 2-man breaks and then a pack of 5 (including Karel) which finished a few minutes after the leaders. Karel is still in 1st place (by about 30 pts) in the Florida Cup Series with 3 races to pressure :)

Enjoy my pics...
(Thanks to Christi-Ann and Craig for sharing some of their pics)