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USA Crits: Speedweek pics

Marni Sumbal

For the first time ever, Karel did every race of USA Crits: Speedweek

Terrapin Twilight Athens,GA April 24
Historic Roswell Crit Roswell,GA April 25
Beaufort Memorial Crit Beaufort,SC April 27
Downtown Walterboro Crit Walterboro,SC April 28
Spartanburg Downtown Crit Spartanburg,SC April 30
Dilworth Crit Charlotte, NC May 1
Global BMW Sandy Springs Crit Sandy Springs,GA May 2

Karel seems to be doing really well post-Speedweek, despite doing 7 races in 9 days. I'm making sure he is re-fueling from all of his hard efforts last week, as well as making sure he is recovering quickly for this coming weekend (Florida Cycling State Crit Championships). Every race was at his max (or above, if possible) and required a lot of mental and physical toughness. Although he didn't finished the notorious Athens Twilight Crit, he finished every race, alongside some of the fastest and most talented professional domestic riders. Most of the races started at 7:30-8pm at night and lasted 90 minutes. Every course was ridiculously hard and included at least 1 crash (except Dilworth, which was a super tough race).

Karel's results:
Athens - DNF: 36 finishers/150 starters
Roswell - 67th: 117 finishers/137 starters
Beufort - 49th: 66 finishers/120ish starters
Walterboro - 46th: 72 finishers/120ish starters
Spartenburg - 37th: 86 finishers/130ish starters
Dilworth - 35th: 71 finishers/120ish starters
*Sandy Springs - 44th: 52 finishers/120ish starters
*there was a nasty crash at the top of the hill (they did 47 laps, which included a steep climb before the start/finish of each lap) with 1 lap to go so Karel barely squeezed through (and dodged the crash) in order to finish. He was placed much higher before the crash but that's part of least Karel didn't get caught in the crash (or any crash during speedweek).

Overall (based on points, including race starts, race finishes, laps completed, prem's, etc.): 49th out of 215

I hope you enjoy some of my favorite pics (in no particular order):