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Greenville, SC

Trimarni is place where athletes and fitness enthusiasts receive motivation, inspiration, education, counseling and coaching in the areas of nutrition, fitness, health, sport nutrition, training and life.

We emphasize a real food diet and our coaching philosophy is simple: Train hard, recover harder. No junk miles but instead, respect for your amazing body. Every time you move your body you do so with a purpose. Our services are designed with your goals in mind so that you can live an active and healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Trimarni Blog

A blog dedicated to exercise, nutrition and my life

"I'm not injured" & Salads

Marni Sumbal

As you can imagine..I've been busy. But never a dull moment in the life of an intern. I can't believe that I am approaching week 6 of 11 for my food service rotation. Next week is going to be a stressful week for me. On Thurs I will be preparing a meal for 60 employees for their monthly employee appreciation banquet.
My theme for the meal is "FARM TO TABLE". At first the administrator was not too keen on my "vegetarian" themed meal so I had to make a few minor adjustments to make it a bit "meat-friendly".
My menu consists of:
Turkey burgers on a whole wheat bun
Carrot Apple Slaw (instead of coleslaw)
Homemade Salsa (instead of dip)
Homemade Hummus (instead of dip)
Pita chips (delivered) (Instead of chips)
Homemade Apple cobbler (super healthy-don't let the name fool you!)
My goal for the lunch is to demonstrate how environmentally friendly, affordable and healthy it is to eat foods that are natural and wholesome...straight from the farm and to your table is the way to go! We will see how this all turns out.

Lately I have been enjoying my off-season by doing things that I don't typically do during the peak of my season. However, I believe that everything I am doing now contributes to a healthy and injury-free race season.
I have had many people come up to me and ask me if I was injured? Um....nope, feeling excellent and stronger than ever before.
So, why are people asking if I am injured?
Well, I have been hitting the weight room 3 times a week, using the elliptical and water jogging. I am loving everything about my off-season and not missing the monotony of my Tues - Sun swim, bike, run routine. I still take Mon completely off and I am really getting in-tune with my body, appetite and sleeping needs. Although I don't want to lose the IM fitness that I gained throughout the summer, I am fairly certain that I am stronger than before as I keep myself mentally and physically strong for a healthy and efficient introduction to the base part of my season. So NO..I am not injured. I'm just enjoying the long swims, aqua jogging, long weekend bike rides, occasional runs (long and short), consistent strength training (which leaves me sore all day) and butt building elliptical sessions.