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Trimarni is place where athletes and fitness enthusiasts receive motivation, inspiration, education, counseling and coaching in the areas of nutrition, fitness, health, sport nutrition, training and life.

We emphasize a real food diet and our coaching philosophy is simple: Train hard, recover harder. No junk miles but instead, respect for your amazing body. Every time you move your body you do so with a purpose. Our services are designed with your goals in mind so that you can live an active and healthy, balanced lifestyle.

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Oakley spotted and good LAVA magazine reads

Marni Sumbal

The July 2012 (issue 14) LAVA magazine was filled with fantastic surprise - it is one quality magazine with amazing photo's and brightly colored ads.

The issue featuring Lance Armstrong was wonderful and I am sure I'm not alone when I report how sad I am about the recent USADA allegations, which is now causing Lance to be banned from triathlons. I think Lance has done wonders for his own sporting career as well as helping the lives of so many cancer survivors and families of those who fought a hard fight. But most importantly, in relevance to the current media frenzy of banning Lance from triathlons, this makes me incredibly upset because I think Lance is doing amazing things for the sport of triathlons - not only for the professional and sponsors but also for inspiring people around the world to take part in this amazing lifestyle of swim-bike-run. I'm trying to not to spend too much energy on this issue but it really does make me sad as the human body is an amazing piece of work...and I love watching Lance's body go to work. He is purely a gift to science and above all, he loves to race and we all love that as well.

I remember when I was a young swimmer and I couldn't wait to watch Janet Evans and other notable swimmers take the blocks at the Olympics. At the age of 30 - I still get excited...counting down the days for the Olympics. I feel many people understand my enthusiasm for competitive sports as it isn't just about watching gifted athletes go for the gold or cross a finish line in first but rather empathizing with the sacrifices that were made in order to pursue goals and to defy the odds. In our house, triathlons, cycling, running, swimming, boxing...these are the sports we love to watch and the DVR has not shortage of recordings to keep us entertained on a daily basis.

Back on topic now...
There was a lot of great info in the July issue of Lava and if you don't subscribe to the magazine, I highly recommend doing so. But of course, you can always keep up with my
Plate not Pills Colum ONLINE - for FREE! There's lots of great info about some amazing nutrients that will help you reach your health and performance goals.

On page 32, there was an awesome picture of Mirinda Carfrae (looking like the strong woman she is!) and a great article about triathlon-related companies offering casual clothing lines.

Although I don't consider myself much of a fashionista, I didn't have to think twice as an Oakley Women ambassador to dress head to toe (well more like tank, shorts, headband and Drizzle sunglasses) in Oakley Women when I was checking in my bike at the 2011 Ironman world championships in Kona, Hawaii.

On Pg 34:
"Oakley has long offered an extensive line of casual clothing and glasses, in addition to the sporty shades we al know. While not always for the faint of wallet, they have great quality and great style to meet the needs of nearly any conceivable social event. From ski pants and jackets to T shirts and sweaters, they've got you covered. They even have backpacks, duffel bags, golf bags, luggage and shoes. And while you're wearing these clothes, why not ditch your Oakley Radar glasses for something a bit more subtle in its declaration of your bib short collection? Their lifestyle collection could serve you well if you want to make a trip to the store without looking like you're from the future. "
-Greg Kopecky

And on pg 36. you can take a look at the Oakley Jupiter Squared and Overtime shades (I am a BIG fan of the overtime!)

Skipping ahead.......
-Matt Dixon's article on pg 56. "A fresh approach for the great dane" was awesome. I don't think I have ever read an article by Coach Matt Dixon of Purple patch fitness that I didn't love (I agree with his philosophy of training and enjoy keeping up with his athletes as well) and I think of him as a mentor I have never met but long to say "thank you" to one day.

-Jesse Kropelnicki wrote an article on body composition evaluation on pg 64. and although I don't agree with every word (which is fine - I'm sure people don't agree with all my writings as well), I do like how he explained the purpose of breaking down the training plan from a periodized training standpoint as well as not being strict on the changes of body composition and repeatedly instructing athletes to contact a Registered Dietitian to help in this process. Overall, a good read to get you thinking about your body composition from an athletic standpoint...but as you know from my philosophy - health first, performance second. There's not point of having a lean body if you can't do anything with it.

-Mark Allen (no introduction is needed here) wrote a great article on pg 73, emphasizing the importance of going short and hard first as you train for endurance events. Something that I 100% believe in is intervals and a structured training plan that is balanced to allow for proper recovery between intense/long training sessions. At Trimarni Coaching, I do not emphasize miles but rather time and what we can accomplish within that time frame...every athlete has his/her own struggles with time management and life getting in the way of training and because of that, you have to make it all work and the easiest way to do that is through interval training.

-Ben Greenfield touched on short-course racing and fueling on pg 82 which I think is a great topic for athletes of all fitness levels to better comprehend. Again, I don't agree with everything in the article but he did do a great job of explaining the physiology of the body and keeping things really simple. Also, I was brought back to my exercise physiology days of graduate school and doing resting metabolic tests and VO2 tests on subjects in the laboratory.

If you get a chance to read the magazine and have any questions for me, send them my way via email and I'd be glad to answer them in a future blog (or answer your individual questions via email).

Happy Friday!