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Greenville, SC

Trimarni is place where athletes and fitness enthusiasts receive motivation, inspiration, education, counseling and coaching in the areas of nutrition, fitness, health, sport nutrition, training and life.

We emphasize a real food diet and our coaching philosophy is simple: Train hard, recover harder. No junk miles but instead, respect for your amazing body. Every time you move your body you do so with a purpose. Our services are designed with your goals in mind so that you can live an active and healthy, balanced lifestyle.

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Product Review - EGDPro, Gel flask, running top, bike lights

Marni Sumbal

It's been a while since I have done a product review so I wanted to share a few things that are helping me stay active this fall.

Easy Go Dispenser

Earlier this year I was contacted by Blake Schroedter, who is the Chief Executive Officer, inventor and the Co-founder of Easy Go Dispenser LLC. Blake wrote to me about a product called EGDPRO and I could feel his passion and excitement through his email. A few months later, Blake contacted me again after I told him I would love to try his new product, since I am an active athlete who is always on the go. What's so great about Blake's story is that he is more than a "fitness" product inventor. Blake has eleven years of military service, a bachelor degree in psychology from the University of Illinois UC and is currently pursuing a doctorate degree in clinical psychology Military Track Program. OIF/OEF Veteran.
For only $20, the EGD Pro™ is designed for athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, and military personnel who need an instant protein shake. The EGD PRO™ will carry a full day’s worth of protein or drink powder and will easily dispense a 15 gram serving into any water bottle or shaker cup with the twist of the knob. The base storage unit keeps your powder fresh, preventing unwanted moisture or contamination. The center metering unit dispenses precise amounts of powder to the upper funnel section and eliminates the need for a separate funnel. This ensures all of your powder easily goes directly into the water bottle or shaker cup with no spillage. With the EGD Pro™ you will receive the correct amount of protein to help rebuild and recharge you body immediately after an intense workout. The EGD Pro™ is the only product on the market which combines storage and dispensing functionality, with superior design and portability.
What I love about this product (Coming soon: BabyGo dispenser) is that it is durable and practical. For all the athletes and fitness enthusiasts who consume protein powder either to help meet protein needs (I recommend no more than 1 scoop daily of protein powder and to get protein from real food, consult a RD if you need help) or to help recover from workouts, this is a very practical bottle for athletes and active individuals who need somewhere to hold protein powder. Whether you choose whey, soy, hemp, pea or brown rice protein powder, this is a simple product to have in your house if you are someone who struggles with making time. Most protein powder scoops hold around 30-40grams (which is the weight of the powder, not grams of protein) so with a turn of the key, you can easily fill your water w/ a precise amount of protein powder. This is also ideal for group workouts, couples who train together or for individuals who enjoy a recovery drink at work (or on the way home from a workout). It's nice to not carry around a scoop and bag of powder when you travel so this will come in handy for our trips, since I typically travel w/ protein powder either to boost my protein intake while traveling (always tough as a vegetarian to meet my protein needs on the road) or for Karel and myself if we travel for a race or for training. More than anything, I think this is a great idea from a group of amazing veterans and I'm so thankful that I was provided a bottle and I can now support this great invention just before Veteran's Day.
Check out the website for more info, ordering as well as a video.

You probably think I am crazy talking about a short sleeve top for the fall and winter but this top serves several purposes. First off, this top is perfect under a light jacket when you are warming up for a run. The top can be worn on those slightly cool fall or spring days when you aren't ready for a long sleeve  or tank top but don't want to over/underdress. I have this top in a few colors and above all, it is really comfortable. Because every runner is bound to get warm on a "winter" run, this top is great for it's O Hydrolix™ moisture management so that you can sweat and not feel "gross" in a short sleeve active top. Also, this top is perfect for cycling because we all need a good base layer under a jersey when the weather gets cold but we don't want to overheat with lots of layers. The top also comes in long sleeve w/ a half zipper (which I also have - and LOVE). And ladies, the Align bra is fantastic, I highly recommend it. I wore it at Branson 70.3 and I wear it all the time (during workouts and under my scrubs at the hospital). You will love it!

Bontrager bike lights
With the darker evenings and foggy mornings, no bike should be without lights. I'm lucky being married to my bike mechanic and when I came home the other day, Karel had my bike all tuned-up and he told me it was ready for winter. In other words, my bike is keeping me safe on the roads.
There are many types of lights available to cyclists so I recommend a headlight and taillight that will not only help you see where you are going but will help increase your visibility to cars and people around you. After you get your lights, be sure to get your Road ID.

Gel Flask

On Tuesday evening I spoke to a running group about pre race and race day nutrition.  Here in Florida, we are getting into "running" season and Jacksonville is known for having some great races like the Subaru Thanksgiving Half Marathon, Jacksonville Bank Half and Full Marathon (Karel and I will be doing the Half Marathon), Gate River Run and Donna 26.2. I always get comments from athletes about struggling w/ nutrition on race day because they can't tolerate a full gel. I have always been a fan of the Fuel Belt because I like to train w/ my sport nutrition and race with my sport nutrition. When I work with athletes, I encourage my athletes to think about race day and how they are going to get their body prepared for a race. I am a firm believer in sport nutrition in that it has a place during workouts. I'd rather see my athletes fueling for all workouts, even the one hour run where they may think they only need water, and considering what and how they are eating later in the day instead of skimping on fluids, electrolytes and carbs when the body needs it the most.
At my talk, an athlete asked me if there was an easy way to take in gels so I got excited and talked about my favorite thing ever - the Gel flask!
Branson 70.3

I have been using the Hammer Gel Flask (or we also have leftover EFS flasks from Karel's cycling races) for a few years and it works perfect for me. First off, I like to run with something in my hand as it helps my form but I don't like the way a water bottle puts strain on the neck and messes with an athletes' running form. The gel flask is also great for consistent fueling because I don't believe in taking in calories at periodic intervals (ex. 30, 60,90 minutes or miles 4,7,11, etc.) but rather every mile. I'd rather take in 20-40 calories every mile (or 10 minutes) in order to keep my energy stable and to help postpone residual fatigue. Also, with the cooler temps, I find many athletes are not feeling like they need water (or sport drinks) during shorter runs and are finding themselves dehydrated during the day or overeating when they are actually thirsty (we have poor thirst mechanisms as humans) so this is an easy way to make sure you are staying hydrated during workouts. Certainly, this 4-6 ounce flask will not cut it for a workout over 45-60 minutes as I encourage at least 20 ounces of fluids per hour so you can plan on using aid stations in races for water or set up a bottle for refueling on your running route. Also, this flask is perfect during long bike rides or in a triathlon for it eliminates the need for handling/opening gels and wrappers and fits nicely in your jersey pocket (or fixed on your bike).

And to be extra creative, your extra fuel belt flasks make for great containers for your milk post workout (or for your oatmeal at work). For a discount on your Hammer Order - use 97495 at check-out.