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Greenville, SC

Trimarni is place where athletes and fitness enthusiasts receive motivation, inspiration, education, counseling and coaching in the areas of nutrition, fitness, health, sport nutrition, training and life.

We emphasize a real food diet and our coaching philosophy is simple: Train hard, recover harder. No junk miles but instead, respect for your amazing body. Every time you move your body you do so with a purpose. Our services are designed with your goals in mind so that you can live an active and healthy, balanced lifestyle.

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Kona bound: Kona-inspired contest!!!!

Marni Sumbal

Can you see my name?  It's right there.

Talk about a great first full day in Kona!

1000 yard swim at the Pier with Gloria.  Thanks Triathlete Mag for the great pic!

I can't tell you how happy I was yesterday to get my bike from Tri bike transport. 

And then so super excited to ride it today on the Queen K hwy!

After a 1:45 bike with a few intervals, I did a nice 1 mile shake-out run along Alii drive (from our condo). Then it was time to pick up my packet and officially be a 2013 Ironman World Championship participant. 

Oh and I got to meet a group of strong women before my bike ride. Talk about inspiration!

The energy is really contagious here in Kona. It's like an outdoor gym here with no shortage of human bodies moving all day long. It's really hard to not be motivated to use your body while in Kona and I feel that this great energy should not be isolated to just here in Kona. 

I recognize that my body is pretty exceptional for it doesn't have to allow me to train for a 140.6 mile race. 
It's very cool that I can share this experience with 1500+ other athletes who also love to use their body to cross a finishing line. 

It takes a lot of training, hard work, commitment, dedication, money and time to prepare the body for the Ironman. What's great about Kona week is that you don't have to be an Ironman athlete to be someone special.

The special part is that every individual here is motivated by a body in motion. You see someone running and you all of a sudden have energy to run. There are no excuses as to "I am too tired or too slow" but instead, it's the desire to fit in...but in a good way. 

There are no rules as to what body size you have to be, what pace you swim, bike and run or if you have ever even stepped foot on a starting line. 

There actually is no requirement that you have to workout on this island during Kona week but it's really hard to be in this beautiful place and not want to explore your surroundings on foot (or bike or in the beautiful blue ocean sea). 

Realizing that many people will be watching the Ironman World Championship on Saturday from a computer screen, in your own home (or Kona party), I reached out to a few of my favorite companies so that you would be part of  the Ironman World Championship vibe. As you know, I use my social media outlets to provide inspiration, motivation and education. I have never done a product give-away as I want me followers to support Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition, LLC because of my philosophy and not because of items I can give away for free.
I am really excited that Hammer Nutrition, Oakley Women, 110% Play Harder and Brooks Running were all excited to get involved with the Ironman World Championship and to help my followers connect with one another and to some of my favorite companies.  

Contest rules
1) You must enter the contest within the allotted time frame. 
2) It's highly encouraged that you follow the company on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (if you do not have a personal account to all that is fine)
3) You must follow me on Facebook (Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition), Twitter (@trimarnicoach) and instagram (Trimarni).
4) Use the correct hashtags so I can view your entry.
5) The winners will be announced next week and your gifts will be shipped to your personal address (I will provide contact info for each company for you to provide your mailing address and to provide details for sizing, etc.)
6) There will only be one winner for each contest but you can enter all four contests (one entry per company per person).
7) The contest will run only on Instagram and Twitter (you do not have to enter both, just be sure you use the correct hashtags for each company)
8) Share the contest (and your entry) with others in order to inspire other fitness enthusiasts and athletes.

Contest: "What's your favorite way to refuel after a workout"
Contest timeline: 10/12-10/13
Hashtag: #Hammernutrition  #fuelingforkonaHammer #Trimarnikona
Follow: Hammer Nutrition
Description: Show me a picture of your favorite way to refuel after your Saturday or Sunday workout. Provide a description of your yummy eats and optional, include a your workout for the day.
Prize: New customer package: including a few most popular products, a few of my favorite products, a t-shirt, literature on Hammer and what they offer and a few water bottles. I have been a long-time Hammer Nutrition user. 

Contest: "What are you doing to stay active or to push your body during Ironman World Championship week/day" 
Contest timeline: 10/10-10/12
Hashtag: #GoMarni  #Madeformore #Trimarnikona #oakleywomen
Follow: Oakley Women
Description: Show me a picture of you using your body for your workout for the day. Optional, describe your workout, how the Ironman inspires you or why you are motivated to workout?
Prize: Oakley Women Commit SQ (my favorite pair of sunglasses for training/racing. I will be wearing my white commit's on Kona race day)

Contest: "How did the Ironman World Championship inspire you?"
Contest timeline: 10/13
Hashtag: #playharder #goflatout #uprkona13 #trimarnikona
Follow: 110playharder
Description: Show me a picture of how you were inspired by the Ironman World Championship. There are many options for this contest: quote, favorite workout, photo of your upcoming race/event, how you plan on changing your lifestyle/habits, etc.
Prize: A pair of Flat out compression socks and a 110% Visor (I will be wearing my Kona visor on race day)

Contest: "Where do your feet take you? 
Contest timeline: 10/12-10/13
Hashtag: #brooksrunning #runhappykona #Trimarnikona #runhappy
Follow: Brooks Running
Description: Show me a picture of where your feet took you this weekend. Did you do a workout, did you travel, did you go somewhere exciting with friends/family/pets. I want to see your feet/shoes/sandals in the picture so be creative.
Prize: Any pair of Brooks Running shoes (I will be wearing my Brooks Launch on Kona race day).

Any questions, send me an email

Have fun!

110% Kick Back Quad Sleeve - product review

Marni Sumbal

Oh, do I LOVE compression. You will see me in my CEP compression socks, calf sleeves, tights or 110% Play harder gear before, during and after all my training sessions and races. I am a firm believer that it works for me but compression is not going to make you race fast if you don't put in the work in training.

A while back I wrote an article about compression when compression started to be "hot" and since then, more and more companies have come out with compression-related gear. I have used 110% Play Harder since they first came out on the market since it is a Jacksonville -based company and prior to that, I was wearing compression shorts "back in" 2010 while running as I decided to ditch the running shorts to offer my legs a bit more support while running.  I just love compression and the 110% products are perfect...... and the team is fantastic!  I just love being an ambassador for fun, energetic, sport-minded individuals.

The quad sleeves have been making my body very happy with my Ironman Lake Placid prep work. I wear them with and without ice as I just love compression on my quads. I love these quad sleeves because you can put the ice anywhere around your upper leg and my adductors, abductors, ITB and hamstrings love the cold after a hot, hard workout.

From the 110% Play Harder website:
Kick Back Quad Sleeves combine the benefits of compression and the power of an ice bath in one incredibly convenient piece of gear. With 360° pockets, reusable ice inserts, and a thermal carrying bag they transition from high performance compression gear to a simple active recovery system in one simple step.

If you have any questions about 110% Play Harder gear, just send me an email so I can help you find the right product to fit your injury/healing/compression needs.

My other favorite product is the flat out sox which I love to wear after my long workouts and when I travel.

Happy National Running Day!!


Marni Sumbal

First off, a huge congrats to anyone who raced this past week. I always want to make a BIG shout-out to all the Jacksonville, FL athletes who raced!! We have a super fast, strong and competitive group here in Jacksonville and with several podium finishes at NOLA 70.3 and several other notable accomplishments among athletes in the past few months of racing, I am so lucky to be part of such a BIG running and triathlon community here in Jacksonville. Way to go Jax athletes!!!

Well, it took 3 full day but I can finally roll my quads on the foam roller without screaming...too loud :) My piriformis (aka - butt) has been rolled with my TP massage ball at least 2-3 times a day (morning, late afternoon/early evening, before bed) to prevent any residual tightness/restrictions in my glutes. As for the rest of my recovery - loving it all besides not being able to walk down stairs at the hospital on Mon. Ok - maybe I did oddly love that a little bit. Monday was a day off as my main focus was on sleep which is always hard after a race. I was tossing and turning all night, too exhausted to fall asleep and then waking up every few hours during the night. By 4:15am I had enough and came downstairs to do some computer work. Campy has enjoyed his slow walks but he is craving a run, just like his mommy. But, we both know not to rush this process for I wouldn't gain anything out of a run right now and I will continue to respect my body as it heals and grows stronger. For I can do other things with my sore body, so to speed up the healing process, I swam 3000 yrds nice and easy on Tues (which I was more sore Tues than Mon) and on Wed, I did a few light hip exercises to loosen me up at the Y and followed that with a 4000 yrd swim (typically Wed yardage for me). Thursday - finally back on my bike as I have missed it so very much. This week is all about unstructured exercise - not "training". Just keep the body moving whether it is swim and bike or elliptical and walking. I will see how my body feels this weekend for my legs may want to run on Sat or Sun. Starting Monday....5 weeks until the Rock n RollMan Half Ironman in Macon, GA. This will be my third year racing this incredibly challenging and hot course and I will be racing in the Elite wave....certainly out of my comfort zone but that's racing.

I can't get enough of this little it possible to have too many pics of Campy??

Dinner on Monday night.....YUM-O!
Tempeh Buitoni shells (Karel loves these) Broccoli Black beans (canned - rinsed and drained) Green pepper Artichokes (jar - rinsed and drained) Garlic Onions Sunflower oil
1. Cook tempeh in sunflower oil until slightly golden brown, on medium heat.
  2. Add cooked broccoli, green pepper, artichokes, onions and chopped garlic.
3. Cook beans until soft (1-2 minutes in microwave)
4. Assemble plate - eat up!

Here is a great video that was captured during my last Oakley Women product testing trip, in Laguna Beach.


And another great one on Oakley O form.....if you are an athlete, your choice of clothing is super important!

If you are in town, I'll be speaking at the upcoming Hammer Head Triathlon Club meeting on May 2nd (Wed) at 6:15pm at the Trek Bicycle Store (San Jose Location) - Check out my website, under the Recent News and Events section for the flyer. I have SO many raffle items (Oakley, 110%, CEP, Hammer) it is necessary that you come if you want to have a chance to win some amazing products from some of my favorite companies!

  I am so lucky to be in a profession where I can help people reach goals. It motivates me to "practice what I preach" but also to live a life that may inspire others. Over the past year, I have embraced the topics of intuitive and mindful eating. Particularly, have I learned a lot from my mentors at Preferred Nutrition, who specialize in a treating individuals with eating disorders, by using a team approach along side motivational interviewing. As a Registered Dietitian, I am required to keep up with my CEU's and in doing that, I enjoy watching webinars whenever possible. I try to find topics that are semi-familiar to me, that I can relate to or that I feel will help others. The past two webinars were incredible. The first one was on Intuitive eating and the second one was on Intuitive eating for diabetics. Absolutely life-changing - that is, if you want to try something so simple, that may change your life. Although I say simple, we all know that changing habits is hard. But it is strange that when you live a balanced life all while keeping a healthy relationship with food, exercise and the body, it feels good....almost un-natural considering that many people feel as if hunger, low blood sugar, fatigue, extreme soreness and pain (in any form) are expected when reaching body composition or performance goals. Um....I don't think so! How about feeling energized, healthy, happy and balanced with a new way of living life. In the last webinar, the presenter said something so incredible that will stick with me forever "It's OK to feel hungry. The idea is that when you finish eating, you should feel better than when you started." Those words are so beautiful, especially for those who commonly say "I shouldn't have eaten all that, I shouldn't have eaten that, I feel so full, I feel so bad now, I really messed up...." It's not about being perfect, make some progress with what you are doing by associating that "feeling" after you eat to the desire and want to change how you eat and most importantly, how you plan your meals and snacks to maintain stable blood sugar (eat when you are hungry or to prevent a dip in blood sugar) and to fuel and recover from activity (never neglect sport nutrition in order to control calories!). I invite you to check out these 10 principles on intuitive eating.

And lastly, I had the opportunity to contribute an article on the 110% Play Harder blog....feel free to check it out HERE as well as several other good reads.

110% Give Harder

Marni Sumbal

As an active endurance athlete, I absolutely love waering my 110% recovery gear. As an ambassador, I'm proud to support a company that I believe in and helps athletes recover in an inventive "mobile" ice bath w/ compression.

If you didn't hear, 110% had a big raise $110,000 for ground-breaking breast cancer research as well as to help those who are living with breast cancer.

Here's a great article...
Runners going 110 miles to finish breast cancer for 26.2 with Donna |

As of 8am this morning, several amazing athletes started their 110 mile journey to raise funds for breast cancer. Many of the donations are in honor of others and I am sure those runners will be dedicating a few miles to those who have been affected by cancer.

Tomorrow morning, I will start my 13.1 mile race, running alongside thousands of runners who, in one way or another (fundraising or race entry fee) have contributed to a worthy cause.

I want to thank those who have donated and I really appreciate it! For those who were not able to donate, I appreciate you spreading the word to others. Every bit counts.

As of now, the 110% Give Harder foundation has raised over $94,000 with a few checks, reportedly, still coming in for depositing into the account. If you'd like to still donate..there's time! What's so great aboug donating besides being part of this amazing goal...
.. It's fun and it makes you feel good.

I love to race and I love being an athlete. I love every single second of training, analyzing my data and planning my workouts. I love coaching, working with athletes on sport nutrition and motivating others to be confident in pursuing individual goals.

With every race, there is always an opportunity to reflect. Often, a fast beating heart, large crowds, cheering fans and beautiful scenery can distract one from reflecting during a race.

As a virgin to the 26.2 with Donna event, I want to really enjoy every mile out on the course, regardless if I am running on the looooong bridge or running on the beach. Knowing that with every race there will be moments that you are feeling awesome and times when you are wondering how you will be able to hang on, I want to be sure that I don't lose sight of the real reason why I am running on Sunday.

Because there is more than 1 reason for my decision to run this race tomorrow...I want to dedicate my 13.1 miles to the following:

Mile 1: To those who can not run, for whatever reason.
Mile 2: To those who weren't able to train like they wanted (for whatever reason) but are still out on the course, hoping to have a great time.
Mile 3: To those who aspire to one day run a 5K....knowing that with consistency and the ability to believe, anything is possible.
Mile 4: To everyone who donated to the 110% Give Harder Foundation.
Mile 5: To everyone who donated to the 26.2 with Donna foundation.
Mile 6: To the crowds, spectators, volunteers and family members who tell us that we are "almost there"...when typically, we really aren't. But then again, somehow they always make us feel like we are really "almost there".
Mile 7: To Campy, my furry best friend, who probably loves running more than me. But according to him, every day is a lottery winning day and every day is a great day to be alive. I'm so lucky that Campy came into my life for he really knows how to live a great life.
Mile 8: To my parents, family, close friends, blog readers and athletes. This mile is for you because just when the going gets tough and I feel like I don't have any more to give, you keep me going and find a way to pick me up.
Mile 9: To my mentors and anyone who has helped me in my educational career. I was always that student that had to find a way to balance it all. Knowing that my education and sports were two very important parts in my life, I was never told to give up one for the other. You all helped me find balance.
Mile 10: To Karel for always believing in me when, often I don't believe in myself. For challenging me to enter a new uncomfortable-comfort zone and for showing me how to train hard and recover harder. As my teammate, best friend, coach and hubby, this mile will likely hurt but I can hear you now "just keep running...pretend like you are running with Campy!"
Mile 11: To those who always remain positive no matter what is thrown their way. I love surrounding myself with people who give me energy, not take it away from me and there is nothing more life-changing than being around someone who is going through a rough time but is constantly finding ways to remain in good spirits. Positive energy and a great attitude can be contagious...and this is something that I want to catch.
Mile 12: To everyone who has come into my life and has trusted and has allowed me to make a difference in your life. For with every athlete/person that I help, I often discover something more about myself, often finding myself growing in the process. I didn't go to school for 8 years to be rich. I went to school to change lives.
Mile 13.1: To my body. For allowing me to be consistent with training in order to get to starting lines. For reminding me that with an appreciation of balanced eating and a healthy dose of exercise, I can also reach finishing lines. Body, this last final push is for you as you have never failed me. Sure, an injury here or there but thanks to you, you keep me going. Because of that, I love you and I will never let you down.

Happy Running, walking or jogging and good luck everyone!