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Trimarni is place where athletes and fitness enthusiasts receive motivation, inspiration, education, counseling and coaching in the areas of nutrition, fitness, health, sport nutrition, training and life.

We emphasize a real food diet and our coaching philosophy is simple: Train hard, recover harder. No junk miles but instead, respect for your amazing body. Every time you move your body you do so with a purpose. Our services are designed with your goals in mind so that you can live an active and healthy, balanced lifestyle.

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Kona bound: Kona-inspired contest!!!!

Marni Sumbal

Can you see my name?  It's right there.

Talk about a great first full day in Kona!

1000 yard swim at the Pier with Gloria.  Thanks Triathlete Mag for the great pic!

I can't tell you how happy I was yesterday to get my bike from Tri bike transport. 

And then so super excited to ride it today on the Queen K hwy!

After a 1:45 bike with a few intervals, I did a nice 1 mile shake-out run along Alii drive (from our condo). Then it was time to pick up my packet and officially be a 2013 Ironman World Championship participant. 

Oh and I got to meet a group of strong women before my bike ride. Talk about inspiration!

The energy is really contagious here in Kona. It's like an outdoor gym here with no shortage of human bodies moving all day long. It's really hard to not be motivated to use your body while in Kona and I feel that this great energy should not be isolated to just here in Kona. 

I recognize that my body is pretty exceptional for it doesn't have to allow me to train for a 140.6 mile race. 
It's very cool that I can share this experience with 1500+ other athletes who also love to use their body to cross a finishing line. 

It takes a lot of training, hard work, commitment, dedication, money and time to prepare the body for the Ironman. What's great about Kona week is that you don't have to be an Ironman athlete to be someone special.

The special part is that every individual here is motivated by a body in motion. You see someone running and you all of a sudden have energy to run. There are no excuses as to "I am too tired or too slow" but instead, it's the desire to fit in...but in a good way. 

There are no rules as to what body size you have to be, what pace you swim, bike and run or if you have ever even stepped foot on a starting line. 

There actually is no requirement that you have to workout on this island during Kona week but it's really hard to be in this beautiful place and not want to explore your surroundings on foot (or bike or in the beautiful blue ocean sea). 

Realizing that many people will be watching the Ironman World Championship on Saturday from a computer screen, in your own home (or Kona party), I reached out to a few of my favorite companies so that you would be part of  the Ironman World Championship vibe. As you know, I use my social media outlets to provide inspiration, motivation and education. I have never done a product give-away as I want me followers to support Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition, LLC because of my philosophy and not because of items I can give away for free.
I am really excited that Hammer Nutrition, Oakley Women, 110% Play Harder and Brooks Running were all excited to get involved with the Ironman World Championship and to help my followers connect with one another and to some of my favorite companies.  

Contest rules
1) You must enter the contest within the allotted time frame. 
2) It's highly encouraged that you follow the company on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (if you do not have a personal account to all that is fine)
3) You must follow me on Facebook (Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition), Twitter (@trimarnicoach) and instagram (Trimarni).
4) Use the correct hashtags so I can view your entry.
5) The winners will be announced next week and your gifts will be shipped to your personal address (I will provide contact info for each company for you to provide your mailing address and to provide details for sizing, etc.)
6) There will only be one winner for each contest but you can enter all four contests (one entry per company per person).
7) The contest will run only on Instagram and Twitter (you do not have to enter both, just be sure you use the correct hashtags for each company)
8) Share the contest (and your entry) with others in order to inspire other fitness enthusiasts and athletes.

Contest: "What's your favorite way to refuel after a workout"
Contest timeline: 10/12-10/13
Hashtag: #Hammernutrition  #fuelingforkonaHammer #Trimarnikona
Follow: Hammer Nutrition
Description: Show me a picture of your favorite way to refuel after your Saturday or Sunday workout. Provide a description of your yummy eats and optional, include a your workout for the day.
Prize: New customer package: including a few most popular products, a few of my favorite products, a t-shirt, literature on Hammer and what they offer and a few water bottles. I have been a long-time Hammer Nutrition user. 

Contest: "What are you doing to stay active or to push your body during Ironman World Championship week/day" 
Contest timeline: 10/10-10/12
Hashtag: #GoMarni  #Madeformore #Trimarnikona #oakleywomen
Follow: Oakley Women
Description: Show me a picture of you using your body for your workout for the day. Optional, describe your workout, how the Ironman inspires you or why you are motivated to workout?
Prize: Oakley Women Commit SQ (my favorite pair of sunglasses for training/racing. I will be wearing my white commit's on Kona race day)

Contest: "How did the Ironman World Championship inspire you?"
Contest timeline: 10/13
Hashtag: #playharder #goflatout #uprkona13 #trimarnikona
Follow: 110playharder
Description: Show me a picture of how you were inspired by the Ironman World Championship. There are many options for this contest: quote, favorite workout, photo of your upcoming race/event, how you plan on changing your lifestyle/habits, etc.
Prize: A pair of Flat out compression socks and a 110% Visor (I will be wearing my Kona visor on race day)

Contest: "Where do your feet take you? 
Contest timeline: 10/12-10/13
Hashtag: #brooksrunning #runhappykona #Trimarnikona #runhappy
Follow: Brooks Running
Description: Show me a picture of where your feet took you this weekend. Did you do a workout, did you travel, did you go somewhere exciting with friends/family/pets. I want to see your feet/shoes/sandals in the picture so be creative.
Prize: Any pair of Brooks Running shoes (I will be wearing my Brooks Launch on Kona race day).

Any questions, send me an email

Have fun!

YSC and Oakley Women - Strength not Surrender

Marni Sumbal

As you know, it is breast cancer awareness month. As a clinical inpatient RD, I see cancer patients every time I work in the hospital, so.... it's cancer awareness/ prevention month every day.. I am constantly researching and exploring ways to reduce risk for disease for there are so many areas in your life that you can reduce your risk for disease beyond just diet and exercise that will keep your body in optimal health.

As an Oakley Women ambassador, I get the opportunity to test products that are used in my active lifestyle. It's a tough gig but I love it.

(Kona specific Radar shades from 2012)

Oakley is more than a brand that sells glasses and surf shorts.

"Oakley was created for world-class athletes, those who see the limits of possibility as just another challenge. Their dedication drives us to look beyond the conventional ideas of industry standards. It’s in our DNA to identify problems, create inventions, and wrap those inventions in art. And simply to make things better than anyone thought possible. 
Decades of Oakley innovation have been awarded more than 600 patents that elevate physics to the level of art. Technologies transcend sports to enhance the lives of consumers, and more than 110 countries now enjoy a full array of market-leading products including premium sunglasses, goggles, prescription eyewear, apparel, footwear and accessories. These products represent our commitment to excellence — a passion that redefines what is possible for those who defy their own limits."

Oakley is a proud supporter of breast cancer awareness and has a solid relationship with the Young Survival Coalition. 

From 10/1 - 10/15, Oakley Women wants to know if you (ladies-only) have a friend that shows "STRENGTH NOT SURRENDER". 

In support of breast cancer awareness month, post a picture of you and your friend on instagram that shows how strong you are and that you refuse to surrender. 

For your chance to win a YSC prize pack for you and your friend, be sure to tag @oakleywomen @YoungSurvivalCoalition and #strengthnotsurrender and hash tag #strengthnotsurrender

Winner will be chosen October 15, 2013. For official rules stay in touch with Oakley Women Collective

To follow me on Instagram - search TRIMARNI
Can't wait to follow you on Instagram as well!

Stay week I will have a special Kona contest from Oakley Women!

Tips for an active and healthy lifestyle

Marni Sumbal

Thanks to Oakley Women and Shape Magazine, I was able to have an amazing venue to speak about topics that have changed my life. Because "healthy" can be a word that is often overused and not clearly defined in our society, I enjoy helping others live a more balanced lifestyle.
In San Diego, Boulder and DFW, I spoke to over 600 women (combined) for over 6 hours (total) and loved every minute of it. When you are passionate about something, it is easy to talk about. But when you can practice what you preach, it is easy to communicate to others with happiness, joy and satisfaction that the lifestyle that you live is so amazing that you hope that others can share it with you. Sure, this can be taken out of context as many people strive for a lifestyle that is unrealistic, extreme and often, unhealthy but I feel that to be healthy, you have to be happy. Sadly, as many people go about changing habits, they are not happy and feel that only the end result will bring happiness. With tomorrow being my golden birthday (wow - turning 31!!) I can only think back to the last year and smile when I think about all that has happened, thanks to a balanced life. Living a healthy life is not about a number on a scale, sticking to a certain diet or bragging about how many hours of weekly exercise you can do. Living a healthy life is about your quality of life and I hope my 7 top tips for balanced living, help jump start or enhance your journey to an active and healthy lifestyle.
Keep in mind that it's not about how well you balance everything on your plate but instead, making sure everything you do has a purpose and brings meaning to your one and only life. You don't have to be perfect or be like others. It's better to be really awesome and great at a few things (and spend the time working on being great) than to be OK at a lot.

1) Develop a mindful eating plan– Eat with attention and intuition. Does anyone not like to eat? Eating mindfully means that you don’t feel guilty when you eat and you always feel better after you eat than before. To eat mindfully - you have to eat! Aim for 3 balanced meals a day to nourish your body and then snack wisely. Snacks should serve 3 purposes: to fill in nutritional gaps between meals, to control blood sugar and to honor hunger.
2) Train smarter to train harder – You don’t have to be a triathlete, training for an Ironman to be "healthy". You also don't have to be  a "runner". Recognize the difference between training for an event and exercising. Remove the pressure that you have to do x workouts a week and for x-minutes a day and just focus on ways that you can move your body more - athlete or fitness enthusiast. In addition to your current cardio routine, I recommend to strength train 2-3 times per week, add in yoga, cross training and flexibility work. Also, if you own a GPS –HR enabled device, be sure you know how to use it for consistent training? Take advantage of gadgets, equipment and anything else that will take the guessing away from working out and will help with more consistent performance gains. Thus, training harder by training smarter. Focus on quality workouts, not quantity. For more info, read here for an article I did on training smarter.

3) Develop a positive relationship with food and the body – Consider this example. I bring Campy into the vet and put him on the scale. He has gained 5 lbs and in disbelief, out-loud I complain "uggh, how disgusting". The vet, on the other hand, doesn't seem to be concerned as he is telling me how healthy Campy is, how strong his bones are, how he has a good heart beat and that he is really fit and happy. However, I hear nothing of how "healthy" he is because I am obsessed with that number on the scale. So, as a result, I think about how I can get that weight off...quickly. Detox, cleanse, over-exercise, restrict his food.....Should I exercise him obsessively during the day? Should I cut out carbs and his calories? Should I not take him to the doggy park because they other doggies are going to notice his extra wiggle and talk about how bloated he looks? Should I put him on detox for 5 days?
Certainly, I'd never do that (I only give him lots and lots of kisses because he gives me unconditional love every day) but that just sounds like crazy talk, right? But what about you all or someone you know. Do you let a household appliance tell you how your day is going to go? Are you going to let numbers tell you how to eat, how to exercise and how to act for the you let a number run and ruin your day and affect your self worth? Certainly the scale can be a positive thing but for many, it is used irresponsibly. 

I want everyone to designate at least 2 rooms of your house (the bedroom and kitchen) where you avoid using words like bad, off-limit, restricted, cheat, fat, skinny, gross..  Stop counting calories, see food for nutritional value and give your body a little credit for what is allows you to do on a daily basis like crossing finishing lines and being productive at work. Every time you look at your body - thank it, don't bash it.

(Campy says he doesn't care how much you weigh.....he has a lot of love to give and doesn't judge people by a number on a scale. I agree.)

4) Welcome change by relying on the power of goal setting – Do you  like change? Change can be scary and it can be exciting. One of my favorite quotes is "if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you." If you have goals in your life, don’t wait until tomorrow as there is no perfect time to get started. Set 3 short and long term goals, in the areas of lifestyle, exercise and nutrition to keep you motivated and excited to wake up every morning wanting to see what you are capable of achieving by the end of the day. Life doesn't always get easier, you just discover new limits.
5) Think beyond diet and exercise: work on sleep, stress and attitude management.– Everyone wants to blame diet and exercise when it comes to "health" and there's always a quick diet and exercise fix/fad to help us be "healthy". As an athlete and coach, I know that there are many variables that affect performance and to be a good athlete, you can’t just focus on the miles or a perfect nutrition plan.  For a balanced lifestyle, focus on the other variables in your life that can affect your health. Aim for a restful night of sleep most days of the week and surround yourself with people who give you energy and not take it away from you. You can't avoid stress but you can know how to deal with it with an action plan. Make time for you, don’t be afraid to say no and make your health a priority.
6) Prioritize a real food diet.  In my mind, one of the most important components of living an active and healthy lifestyle is to create a balanced eating plan that prioritizes “real” food. The keys to longevity are not special K bars, coconut ice cream, kale and chia seeds , but rather a diet rich in foods that are straight from mother nature, from the Earth. Every day you can emphasize foods that are produced by farmers and made in gardens or chemical "food" concoctions created in a factory. Think about emphasizing foods that your body knows how to metabolize and use. I don’t believe in off-limit foods or “bad” foods but rather to emphasize foods with little to no ingredients and when you choose to indulge be sure to savor and enjoy that "occasional/de-emphasized" food – don’t devour it or stress about it. 
To help you reach your fitness, health and body composition goals, consider a plant-strong diet filled with colorful fruits and veggies, alongside lean/low-fat protein, heart-healthy fats and whole grains. It's not about what you do occasionally that matters but what you do regularly.

7) Adapt to training stress with nutrient timing and sport nutrition  
Now that we covered 6 tips, it’s time to talk Sport nutrition. When it comes to sport nutrition, I do not expect you all to formulate your own sport drink or energy gels.  There’s no reason you need to make your own protein powder. Sadly, however, many people
confuse or associate the daily diet with sport nutrition and thus, many people have no idea how to properly "fuel" workouts when the body is under a tremendous amount of stress.  Sport nutrition is there to support the physiological demands of training. When you are running for an hour, your body needs fuel. When you are sitting behind a computer at 3 in the afternoon, your body  does not need an energy drink so you can sit for 2 more hours. 
When it comes to eating before a workout, your choices should be easy to find, easy to prepare, easy to consume and easy to digest. Yes, you should eat a high fiber diet to keep you satisfied throughout the day and you should monitor your portions and calories to meet your individual needs, and Yes, you should eat protein and whole grains throughout the day. But before a workout your primarily focus is energy dense food– foods that can digest quickly so you can focus on your workout, not on digestion. During a workout – fluids, electrolytes and carbohydrates depending on the intensity and duration of the workout. And immediately after your workout, your body requires quick recovery fuel - generally protein, but often a mix of carbs + protein. 
If you are an athlete or fitness enthusiast, focus a bit more about how you are fueling around your workouts so that your body is primed to perform when you want it to perform. As for the rest of the day, nourish it so you can do it all over again tomorrow.
For more info, I have many articles and blogs dedicated to sport nutrition, here is my most comprehensive blog post on sport nutrition. If you need additional help, email me via my website and we can discuss my services to help you move closer to your fitness and health related goals.

When you have a healthy relationship with food, have a positive body image and appreciate food for fuel and for health, your life will change and you will find yourself living a balanced life. Remember, if you don’t take care of your body, your body won’t take care of you. Don’t forget to thank your body on a daily basis.


VIP Oakley Progression session: DALLAS FORT WORTH

Marni Sumbal

Not even a week after returning from Czech Republic, it was time to do a light re-pack for a quick trip to Dallas for the last event with Oakley Women and Shape Magazine. San Diego and Boulder were amazing and I couldn't wait to meet 200 more inspiring women who are passionate about health and fitness. After coming back from Europe, I had a bit more material to add to my talk of my 7 top tips for healthy balanced living and couldn't wait to speak and hand out my delicious Trimarni balls.
What I love so much about these events is a place for women of all ages and sizes to get together and to have one special thing in common - each lady loves to move and use her body. There has been so much positive energy at these events and I couldn't wait get one more dose of it in Dallas Fort Worth.
But first, I was asked to teach a workout on the beach (Atlantic beach) behind Ocean One resort to a group of Lens Crafters employees on behalf of Oakley. The workout was great as I had everyone sweating at 8:15 in the morning with a beautiful view in sight to keep everyone happy that they were outside and not sitting in a conference room.

Thanks Oakley Women and Lens Crafters for having me!


After a great brick workout on Thursday morning, it was time to head to the JAX airport. Knowing that I was arriving to DFW around 1:30pm and getting picked up with a group at the massive airport, I had plenty of snacks and a PB&J sandwich to keep me satisfied and fueled for my direct flight to Dallas as well as until I arrived at the hotel. We finally arrived to the hotel around 3:30pm and we were all in need of a mini meal to hold us over until dinner which was at 7pm. We headed to the hotel restaurant and we all got delicious salads that we each modified with either egg (me) or avocado. It was delicious!

(FYI - I always try to have yogurt on a daily basis, about 4-6 ounces a day, in addition to up to 1 cup skim milk. When I travel, I try to bring yogurt with me and I have never had trouble with security and having it in my carry-on. Just a FYI in case you are interested in traveling with yogurt. Just don't forget to get a spoon!)

Soon enough, it was time to head to downtown Fort Worth to eat at a touristy restaurant with a group of 18 (Shape Magazine, Oakley Women and ambassadors). The restaurant was a steakhouse and I was hoping for some corn on the cob, brown rice and sweet potato but no options available and no vegetarian chef-inspired options. No worries - I enjoyed a delicious airy bread roll and then enjoyed a large filling salad and the most delicious baked potato with toppings on the side. I left the restaurant very satisfied and was excited to wake up in the morning for a 6.5 mile interval run on the treadmill and then a full day on my feet outside, speaking to 200 amazing ladies.

After a delicious buffett breakfast of  milk, fruit, oatmeal, cottage cheese, and a veggie stuffed omelet it was time to head to the park/field for an amazing day of fun!!

The event included yoga with Lacey, my nutrition workshop, social media learning, lunch from a food truck (YUM!) and interviews to be the next Oakley Women ambassador. The event kick-started with a tough bootcamp with Carrie and Cari. My friends Michelle Lovitt and Sarah Dussault were also attending the event to help others better understand fitness and social media.
Here are a few pics from Instagram - I LOVE instagram and connecting with others, just like with facebook. It's so great to be inspired by others and to associate yourself with like-minded individuals. To stay connected, you can link with me #trimarni on Instagram or @Trimarnicoach on Twitter and Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition on facebook. For Oakley Women, use #Oakleywomen. Enjoy the pics from some amazing women!

Congrats to Laila for being the next Oakley Women ambassador!!!

(Shape Magazine Diva dash)

VIP Oakley Progression Session: DENVER

Marni Sumbal

I couldn't believe my eyes and ears when I heard Denver, Colorado had snow this past week! As much as I love the snow, I was a bit surprised that I would need a winter jacket in May!! Thankfully, the snow had mostly melted and the weather was perfect for my quick to Boulder for the 2nd VIP Oakley Women Progression Session with Shape Magazine.

After an early morning swim and bike, I had just enough time to get to a few emails and I was off to the airport for my trip to Denver.

Feeling energized from my morning sweat session on the trainer and just enough soreness from my morning swim to remind me how awesome my body is on a daily basis, I was excited to travel to Denver and meet 200 inspiring, motivating and fitness/health-minded ladies from all over Colorado. 

Although only a month and a week since the San Diego OPS Fitness event, I was so excited to reunite with my Oakley Women family. Each event, a new brand ambassador is picked and Caitlin (pictured above on far left) won from San Diego and was able to attend this event and soak in all the positive energy that comes with Oakley Women. 

A little hot chocolate to warm up? YUM!

It was a long day of traveling with getting up early to train so by the time we arrived to the hotel around 8:30pm, I was ready for bed (10:30 EST time - way past my bedtime). Whenever I travel, I eat mini meals every 2-3 hours instead of standard breakfast, lunch and dinner as it helps me acclimate to the time zone much easier than trying to stick to my normal eating schedule. By the time we arrived to the hotel, I hadn't eaten a real meal but felt very satisfied and healthy with my many snacks/mini meals from the day and was looking forward to a very satisfying breakfast to energize my body and brain for a busy day on Fri. 

Not sure if it was going to bed rather early (compared to other times when flying to the west coast and staying up almost a full 20-22 hours), I was up early. I tried to stay in bed until 5:30am which meant just keeping my eyes closed with a racing mind. I was ready to get up.

8 miles on the treadmill while practicing my talk in my head. Couldn't ask for a better way to start the day...although I am not sure if I gained any red blood cells, I sure do love the change in air/pressure that comes with training at altitude. Boulder is about 5430 feet from sea level and I live at sea level so here's to hoping I brought home a few more red blood cells. A girl can dream, right? Live high, train low is the way to go.

OH YEAH BABY!!! Love breakfast every day..I just couldn't imagine any other way to complete a morning workout or start my day. Today's creation was brought to me by the hotel buffet which included fresh fruit, homemade oatmeal and granola, mixed nuts/raisins for toppings, cottage cheese and an omelet cooked to order. I went with an egg white, veggie stuffed omelet because I loaded up on nuts for my healthy fats. I also enjoyed a glass of milk and coffee and made a PB&J sandwich for later in the day. 

Yippe! Can't wait to start the day!!

What a beautiful drive to the park where the event was held. I absolutely loved how bike friendly Colorado is, how beautiful the sights are and how nice everyone was. I just love it there - so fitness and health friendly!!

My Oakley Women ambassador friends and I helped set up and had fun getting to know some of the 200 attendees as they arrived to the event. 

The event included the Oakley Women pop-up-shop, a media station, a t-shirt making station, a yoga station, a mass bootcamp with Carrie and Cari from Bombshell Bootcamp and my nutrition workshop station with my Trimarni balls! (recipe can be found here).

Talk about a backdrop! The weather was absolutely perfect. It warmed up nicely, not hot, just perfect. 

What a great event!!!

Thanks for the pics (seen above) - you can access more pics from the event by searching #OPSFITNESS #OAKLEYWOMEN on Instagram and Twitter.

And a big congrats to Lindsay Gonzalez for being selected as the next Oakley Women brand ambassador from Colorado!!!

Can't wait for Dallas in a few weeks!!!


Well, the time has come!!!!! All packed for Czech Republic and excited to leave on Tuesday to see Karel's family and hometown. A trip that has been a long time in the making.....5 years since our wedding and seeing his parents and 13 years since he has returned home. We are so excited!!!

Campy knows something is up and sadly, he is trying everything possible to make sure he is not forgotten.

I won't be blogging while I am in Czech (perhaps the occasional blog if I have time) but I will be keeping a journal of each day of our travel. I am so excited to share this experience with everyone, especially from the perspective of a health conscious athlete who loves making memories and experiencing life. Of course - there will be lots of food pics!

To keep up with our travel, the best way to see pics and to receive updates is via my Facebook page. Feel free to LIKE Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition to stay current on all the happenings in Czech Republic. From runs to bike rides, to touring Znojmo and Prague and Karel catching up with his friends and family.....this is going to be a trip we both won't ever forget and I am excited to share it with everyone. 

Oakley Women Immersion event - HELLO FROM LA!

Marni Sumbal

Awwww, miss my buddy!!
After arriving to LA around 11 am on Tues (West Coast time), it was a packed day of lunch at the Alcove, sessions on eye care and skin health at Grifith Park, intense bootcamp with Michelle Lovitt - personal trainer to celebs and then a hike to take a pic near the famous Hollywood white sign.

Dinner was at 8pm (West Coast time) and bed time was 10pm. So I am pretty sure if I do the math correctly, I was up for 20 hours yesterday.

Of course, my body was confused as it woke up at 4:40 am which I guess was "sleeping in" EST time but after laying around with no success to fall back asleep, I was officially up at 5am, had coffee while answering emails and then at 5:30am it was off to the gym for a run and stretching.

Oakley Women invited key employees from Sunglass huts from around the US and international to attend this brand immersion event to learn more about Oakley Women. This event is primarily women but it is a nice change to have males here as they are also understanding what the woman wants when she buys and shops. I know Karel has learned a lot as the GM of Trek Bicycles and that women have different needs than men when it comes to shopping and buying.

I am staying in the W Hollywood which is amazing. Today I spent the morning preping for my talk and catching up on training plans and emails for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

After a delicious lunch, I did some final prep for my talk and at 1:10pm - it was time for 40 minutes with a room of 100 active individuals who were excited to learn about sport nutrition and nutrient timing for the fitness enthusiast.

The talk went great and so many people asked wonderful questions and shared stories of how they stay active which is just what I love. You don't have to be an athlete to be healthy..just move, us and thank your body.

After my talk we heard a great social media talk and then it was time for a short boot camp, champagne and fruit, photo booth pics and then a little down time ( write on my blog) and now almost time for our last dinner. Always hard to leave these inspiring and motivating events with Oakley Women but I must return home tomorrow and continue my quest to motivate, educate and inspire others to live a more healthy balanced active lifestyle.

So for now..enjoy the pics!
(bummer- my phone died at the park so no beautiful pics of the hollwood sign or on the hike :(


(this should say UNSTOPPABLE!)

Oakley Women contract and kiwi avocado salsa

Marni Sumbal

Ladies - how do you use your training gear? Do you put it on and go out shopping? Do you wear it to events? Do you worry about sweating in your training gear?

Let's be honest - you can absolutely care about how you look during exercise (it's true - if your race outfit matches your bike, you will bike faster! : )
but most importantly, you should care about how you feel during exercise. Sweating, laughing, legs-shaking, stretching.....when the workout is done you feel accomplished and worry more about what you got out of the workout than how you look in front of a mirror or around others.

If this does not pertain to you, likely you will not want to fill out the Oakley Women contract.

I have seen SO MANY amazing contracts posted by active women via social media and I couldn't wait to fill out my own contract. As an Oakley Women ambassador, I have learned how amazing it feels to not only feel great in your active wear but to also use it appropriately.

"My gear is for running, not running errands. My gear is exercising, not socializing. It's not carpool chic or grocery store casual. It was made for more than that. It was made for me." - Oakley Women
That's right Oakley Women - you nailed it!!!

We are not putting on clothing for a fashion contest or model search. We need clothing for sweating, for pushing our bodies and for finding out what we are made of.

I will use my gear to run across finish lines, not to stand in shopping lines.

What will you use your gear for?

If you are an active woman, ...sign your own contract and let everyone know how you use your training clothing and be entered to win a prize pack! Check out the Oakley Contract page and share #oakleywomencontract on twitter, instagram & Pinterest.

And after you fill out your contract - check out my delicious kiwi avocado salsa from my latest Ironman column.

(Pic on left from Ironman website, pic on right - my delicious homemade salsa)

Homemade energy balls (from Oakley Women/SHAPE event)

Marni Sumbal

As promised, my delicious, yummy energy "ball" recipe. Originally I had made bars but the Oakley Women catering company re-created my bar creation into balls for easier packaging and consuming. Same ingredients, same great taste! Enjoy!



For the VIP Oakley Women Fitness Progression Session.attendees at Denver and Dallas, you will get an opportunity to try my delicious balls (with recipe card and healthy living tips) in May and I can't wait to meet you!

Any questions or concerns about the recipe (or substitutions or modifications) just send me an email or comment. Thanks!

                                                        Trimarni raw energy balls


1/3 cup each of pecans, almonds, cashews, walnuts (non salted)
1/3 cup pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds
1/3 cup (or 10 apricots - dried)
10 dates (pitted, whole)
1/2 tsp ginger (powder) and 1/2 tsp cloves (powder)
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tbsp ground flax seed
1 tsp espresso coffee (finely ground - or any strong coffee)
1 tbsp dried coconut shavings (unsweetened)
25 prunes (whole)
1 cup rice krispies (I used gluten free rice krispies)

1) In ninja food processor I blended pecans, almonds, cashews and walnuts for 10 quick pulses until almost ground (a few little thicker pieces)
2) In large bowl I placed ground nuts and added whole (not blended or ground) pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.
3) In ninja I blended dates, apricots and spices down to coconut until finely ground. I combined in large bowel with other ingredients.
4) In Ninja, I blended 6-7 prunes at a time until mushy and added to bowl. I did this 2-3 times until they were all mushy in bowl to help with sticking of the other ingredients.
5) I added rice krispies to bowl and combined with my hands (sprayed with a little non stick spray) to combine until sticky - this gets very sticky! Be sure hands are clean or wear gloves.
6) on a non stick cookie sheet (sprayed with a little non stick spray), I pressed bar ingredients into tray until I covered 13 x 10 on the tray (Almost the entire tray).
7) I placed in freezer for 30 min and then sliced with a plastic knife.

I made 30 servings (2inch x 2 inch squares) - you can roll into balls if that is easier (plan for 30 balls)
Each square/ball (serving) has the following nutrition facts:
83 calories
5g fat
9g carbs
1.4g fiber
4.5g sugar
2g protein

Comfort zone, trail mix and Oakley Radar Lock

Marni Sumbal

I am a big believer that we need to protect our eyes when we are training/exercising. I can't tell you how many athletes or active individuals I see not wearing sunglasses while training. But we don't want just any sunglasses, we want protection from flying objects and from the sun....not just a cheap pair of shades that "look" competitive or expensive.
The entire package of quality shades can not be found in all shades and if you are thinking of saving some money on a pair of glasses, I recommend do not think twice when it comes to protecting your eyes and investing in your eye health. Although many things with the body can be replaced or fixed, the eyes are two body parts that you do not want to mess with (trust me - my dad is an optometrist...he'd be very upset if any of my Trimarni readers were not protecting their eyes).
Here's a great video to learn more about why Oakley makes the BEST sunglasses out there (I am not paid to say this - I have been wearing Oakley's for 6 years and Karel has worn Oakley's since his days racing bikes as a young teenager in Europe): ROLLING O LAB

While at the VIP Oakley Progression Session: SAN DIEGO, I had the opportunity to try on the 
 Radar Lock Edge. A Trimarni follower emailed me regarding a sunglasses pair that was not heavy and fit around her check bones without feeling tight. I tried on several pairs at the Oakley event to find her the perfect pair and although I LOVE my commit shades because they fit my small face and feel like nothing when I am riding and running long hours, I really fell in love with the Radar Lock Edge shades. I really like the vents on them and this is something that Karel loves in his Radar Lock shades. I highly recommend these glasses if you are have a small face but are looking for protection around your eyes in a light pair of shades that doesn't slip or move. Also, they have a nice competitive look which is always important if you want to race fast :)

Has anyone ever asked you what food you could never live without? For me, that's hard. But I'd have to say that trail mix is one food (hopefully it classifies as a "food") that I could live on and still feel "healthy" and satisfied. I love the many combinations of trail mix that you can make from adding cereal and granola to dried fruit and all types of nuts.

Here's a yummy trail mix I enjoyed today: Goji berries, pumpkin seeds, raisins, cranberries, walnuts, granola bites. YUMMO!

I always enjoy providing content to USAT Multisport Zone. I have a great editor and friend who allows me to share some of my blogs and recipes on the website and I love connecting with triathletes from around the world. Here's a recent blog that I wrote on moving out of your comfort zone...something that I have learned to do over the past few years and believe me, it seems scary at first but it's up to you to determine your attitude and plan of action with everything you do in life. Embrace change.

Moving out of your comfort zone

Oakley Women VIP Fitness Progression Session: San Diego

Marni Sumbal

Every time I attend an Oakley Women event I leave inspired. I have a saying that in life, we should surround ourselves with people who give us energy and not take it away from us. Oakley Women makes that super easy and this time was above and beyond anything I could have ever imagined in terms of feeling inspired and motivated.

I woke up around 5am on Thursday morning and headed to the Jacksonville airport around 5:30am to make my 7:20am flight. Compression socks, Oakley bag, Brooks running shoes...check! I was so excited to get to Cali for the first ever VIP Oakley Women Fitness Progression Session.

I had a small snack on my way to the airport, along with my coffee so my 1/2 banana w/ PB kept me satisfied until I boarded my first flight to Dallas (a little less than 3 hour flight). I brought along 2 pita sandwiches of PB and J along with snacks of fruit (Plum, apple, nectarine) and trail mix (cheerios mixed with nuts, seeds, granola and raisins). I had my big pink water bottle to fill up after security and before boarding my second flight, I bought a Subway Breakfast sandwich packed with egg whites, swiss cheese and veggies on flat bread. I had 1/2 of the 12" on my flight to San Diego and the other half when I arrived in San Diego. Because I was arriving around noon west coast time, my body was a bit confused on the time change. Since I have been flying out West rather frequently in the past year or two, I have learned that my body does better with small meals every 2-3 hours rather than the standard breakfast and lunch while traveling. 

My Oakley Women "mommy" Abbey, picked me up at the airport and it was great to catch up since our last Oakley Women ambassador summit in Utah. We checked in to the Hyatt at Mission Bay and then headed to the event venue just a quick 10 minute walk away. 

The event included a mass boot camp for all 200 hand-selected ladies, interviews to become the next Oakley Women ambassador (to join the team), a yoga workshop, a nutrition workshop (with me!), t-shirt making station, the Oakley Women shopping "trailer", a complimentary food truck (YUM!), a social media tent and swag for every lady in attendance. 

Before dinner at the Red Marlin, I had a little time to practice my talk a few more times (I don't like using papers when I speak so I have been working on 7 pages/30 minutes of information to recite by memory) and I was able to make time for a great 1 hour workout in the fitness studio (weights, stretching, cardio). 

After dinner I received a few goodies from my other Oakley Women "mommy" Chelsea and I was so excited to sport a few articles of clothing from the 2013 spring collection. 

I woke up early for San Diego time but felt great "sleeping in" based on EST. I planned to get my breakfast before heading to the fitness studio for a quick 30 min stretch session knowing that Einstein bagels was likely to get busy as the morning went on. At 6am, there wasn't even a line..just like I like it as I don't enjoy waiting for food, especially with a hungry belly.

I got ready in my room while enjoying my delicious bagel thin sandwich with asparagus, swiss and mushrooms. I also got a big cup of fresh, sliced mixed fruit to save for later in the morning before I began my series of workshops. The last thing I need is a brain that is low in fuel when I am asking my mind to remember 7 pages of information for 4 x 30 min. workshops!

Before the event started, I had a little segment with Channel 6 San Diego news. We tested out the Shape Diva Dash obstacle course - lots of fun!

Here's the first clip (Haven't located the second segment yet)


Oakley ambassadors Cari and Carrie from Bombshell - Bootcamp.

Hopefully all the ladies brought a credit card....hard to pass up a display of Oakley Women shades. I tried on the Oakley Women Radar Lock with vents....Love them!!! Perhaps you may see me at Ironman Lake Placid sporting this pair of comfortable, light shades with just enough competitive vibe to them. 

After setting up my table with my yummy energy balls (my creation created by a catering company with Oakley Women), it was time for bootcamp!

What a workout!!!!

Time for a snack!

I will share the recipe in a future blog but for now you can imagine how delicious they taste!!

I met so many inspiring women throughout the morning and I had such a great time sharing my top 7 tips on living a balanced active and healthy lifestyle.

I had great questions from the ladies on nutrition and I also enjoyed speaking to several aspiring "dietitians" which was so great for me to share my story and experience and how taking that challenging, long road to earning my RD credential was beyond worth it!

Talk about a busy day.....around 3pm, Oakley Women announced the new brand ambassador ( Caitlin O'Hara). 


Then it was time for champagne and cocktails with the Shape Magazine staff and Oakley Women team.

What a fabulous weekend and inspiring to say the least. I am so grateful for the opportunities I have been given in the past two years, thanks to Oakley Women, for letting me share my passion and knowledge with active and health conscious ladies. I was so excited to officially sign my Oakley Women agreement, letting others know that my Oakley Women gear is "for living my active life and not for impressing others".

Ladies - there is still time if you will be in the Denver and Dallas area in May. I look forward to the upcoming VIP Oakley Women Fitness Progression Session. events and meeting more inspiring women who love to get after it!

Off to SoCal with Oakley Women!

Marni Sumbal

Shape Magazine hand selected 200 women who entered a contest online to join Oakley Women at the first ever VIP Oakley Progress Sessions in San Diego, California. Ladies - there's still time to enter for Denver and Dallas! Find out more HERE. I can't tell you how much my life has changed because of Oakley Women. It's not about the free gear or amazing free trips but instead, opportunities to expand my passion for an active and healthy lifestyle and most importantly, share it with other like-minded women. There's nothing I love more than a confident, get-after-it woman who doesn't have can't in her vocabulary. When I am with Oakley Women (staff, ambassadors and others), I am always inspired and I leave motivated and even more determined to share my passion with the world.

Yoga, Boot Camp, swag, interviews, nutrition workshop.....this one-day event is packed with activities and fun and I am so excited to share this first-ever experience with 200 amazing ladies.
I fly out this morning to San Diego and I come home Saturday. A quick trip that will be packed with memories.

I am so excited to speak about my passion for developing a balanced, healthy and active lifestyle and here are my top tips that I will be speaking about at the event (along with handing out one of my yummy energy bar/ball creations).
Trimarni tips for an active and healthy lifestyle
1) Develop a mindful eating plan.
2) Train smarter to train harder.
3) Develop a positive relationship with food and the body.
4) Welcome change by relying on the power of goal setting.
5) Think beyond diet and exercise: work on sleep, stress and attitude management.
6) Prioritize a real food diet.
7) Adapt to training stress with nutrient timing and sport nutrition

Hello from Utah!

Marni Sumbal

Two years ago I won a contest with Oakley Women describing how I "perform beautifully". It was a life-changing contest to be an Oakley ambassador and the opportunities with Oakley Women have been amazing. I have met some amazing women from around the world and because of them I have been incredibly inspired and motivated to continue my quest to live an active and healthful lifestyle. I believe that every opportunity in life has the opportunity to change a person, whether it is good or bad. I don't believe that we should wish for opportunities nor get jealous for the opportunities of others. We all have experiences in life that can change us but we just have to be open, willing and accepting of the change.

Oakley Women has sent "us" ambassadors on some amazing trips - Napa Valley, LA, Laguna Beach and now, Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Although it may look like all fun and games, there is a purpose behind getting a group of passionate, active individuals together. For when we are together, we brainstorm, we discuss and we do what we do best - be active! Oakley Women is working really hard on growing the women brand and the gear and products that are behind the brand and it has been so much fun testing products, giving feedback and just being around like-minded individuals.

For our trip to Utah, the purpose was to try 2013 gear, specifically snow gear. So what better than for us to test out products at Snowbird resort.

Here's a little about our weekend itinerary:

Depart Jacksonville, arrive to Utah. Check in at the Snowbird Resort.
Dinner at the Oakley house (Homemade Sushi)
Welcome reception and learning about Oakley goggles (presentation)

Snowboarding or skiing - all day from 9am - 4pm.
Product testing review on the website
Preview to exciting things to come in 2013 for Oakley Women (So excited to share this info with everyone....but you will have to wait!)
Dinner at Oakley house (Tacos)

Yoga at the Cliff Resort Spa
Product testing and photo shoot
Lunch at Oakley house (salad and wraps/sandwiches)
Breakout sessions - tech eyewear/tech apparel, ambassador program (exciting things to come with this too!), event activation and Oakley PBC
Dinner at Oakley house

A shout-out to the other companies that have supplied products for our winter summit:
Coola Suncare
Nature Made
Paul Mitchell
Zico Coconut water
Kind Bars
Pear Sport Training
Yogi Toes
Neuro beverage
Stance Socks

Hope you enjoy the pictures! Lots of memories made this weekend...

Ladies Tri Night event - Perform Beautifully

Marni Sumbal

I could not have asked for a better crowd.....a bike shop PACKED with active women who all aspire to train smart, fuel efficiently and perform beautifully. Familiar and new faces filled the room and without enough chairs for the 60+ women in attendance - I'd say that's a great turnout for the first ever Trimarni Ladies Tri Night! An event not exclusive to triathletes but rather, an open invitation to anyone who lives an active lifestyle. And a huge thank you to those who changed schedules to be at the event, who came early and offered to help and to our amazing friends in Waycross, GA who made the drive just for this event. Thank you!

After changing out of my scrubs from a busy day at Baptist Medical Center Beaches, I dressed "up" in my Oakley shine support tank and had all my Oakley Women shades out for display.

The first 40 women who arrived by 5:50pm received a PACKED goodie bag thanks to Hammer Nutrition. Hammer Nutrition has been wonderful in terms of fueling my active lifestyle and I am thankful that they also help me out in many of my speaking events. I've been a loyal Hammer user for at least 5 years and with 5 IM's (2 IM World Championships) and 6 Half Ironman's behind my name, I couldn't ask for a better company to provide quality products to help me fuel my endurance lifestyle. If I had to pick my favorite products they would be Strawberry Heed, Grape Fizz and Huckleberry Gel (+ gel flask). And for supplements, hands down tissue rejuvinator is the best because it takes the place of ibuprofen and keeps me functioning well during my peak training. I have not used an anti-inflammatory pill since 1 week post Kona last October (I never use any type of anti inflammatory during or immediately before any race). Also to thank, 110% Play Harder helps the recovery process thanks to their genius mobile-ice bath + compression.

Without a doubt, everyone LOVED Veronica's Health Crunch. Not a seed or nut left in sight at the end of the event. I'm so proud of Veronica for having a vision and a goal and for making her dreams come true. A few years ago she approached me at one of Karel's cycling races, telling me about her idea for granola. Now, several years later her product is ending up on shelves at Fresh Market (can't wait for it to get to Jacksonville) and she is selling her product online. It is absolutely delicious and the ingredients are so simple, yet perfectly blended. YUM!!
Another big thanks to Chobani for donating Greek yogurt for the event. To introduce the ladies to other types of yogurts, I picked up my favorite plain yogurt, Dannon nonfat which sits very nicely in my tummy and is the perfect compliment to any fruit or smoothie. Both yogurts are packed with calcium and protein and went nicely with the health crunch. Oh, and the pink napkins are super cute.
(don't worry - the dietitian in me made sure all the yogurts were on ice before the event. No need for anyone to get sick)

I'm sure no one forgot about the amazing giveaways.....Hammer, Oakley, Veronica's Health Crunch, 110% and Nootca really hooked us up with some amazing swag. Also, president of the HammerHead Triathlon Club, super star IM triathlete Susan Wallis also provided lace locks to two newbie triathletes, doing their first triathlons this month.
  • Oakley donated the Drizzle and Overtime shades as well as the adorable Carver bags.
  • Hammer went above and beyond with Recoverite and Gel jugs + flask + fizz.
  • Veronica's Health Crunch donated a HUGE bag of her delicious crunch.
  • Nootca donated their amazing anti-fog 207 goggles (which I have been using for the past few weeks and will be wearing at Branson 70.3 next weekend).
  • 110% Play Harder donated the Mercury sock as well as one of their TOP sellers, the calf sleeves. They also provided a visor which is super comfy (Karel and I both have one for the hot summer training).
  • And last but not least, I have to give a HUGE thanks to Trek Jax for opening the shop after hours for the event. Karel is the GM of the San Jose location but his boss Jeff Kopp and his wife Alycia have been super supportive of all my career endeavours. They didn't even hesitate when I asked if I could hold a Ladies Tri Night event, after my friend Sky wanted to have an "informal" nutrition and training talk to 5 of the ladies who she is training for their first triathlon. Who knew it would end up being such a fabulous event with such great support of some amazing companies who embrace an active and healthy lifestyle. I also want to thank Trek employee Nicole for taking time out of her evening to be at the event to answer any female bike-related questions. Courtney P. also works at Trek but she just finished the Las Vegas 70.3 World Championships.

The presentation lasted around 40 minutes so I'd like to recap a little of the first part of the talk....saving the rest for another blog.


I read a study not too long ago which triggered me to begin my talk on the topic of Perform Beautifully, as part of the Oakley Women campaign.

-Gender and Body Image Study:
ØFemales 50+ years of age, 1,800 U.S. Women
Ø27% obese, 29% overweight, 42% normal weight, 2% underweight
Ø4% binge eat
Ø8% purge
Ø70% diet to lose weight
Ø36% dieted ~50% of the time in last 5 years
Ø41% check body size daily
Ø40% weigh themselves at least twice a week
Ø62% report body weight negatively impacts their life
Ø79% report body weight affects self-image
Ø64% think about their weight daily
Environmental Nutrition Sept 2012, Vol 35, No 9.

I struggled making it through my Dear Body letter as I read it allowed but I felt it tied so nicely with the study which shows how women can spend so much of their life focused (and obsessed) on body image - almost wasting life away just to achieve this "perfect" vision of what they feel is "healthy". There's no point in a lean body if you can't do anything with it and certainly, as an athlete, the body is going to change throughout the year and season.
I wrote this letter to myself just a few days before my 4th IM. I found it a life-changing experience and I encourage others to spend the time thinking about what you would say to your body - hopefully positive and perhaps apologetic at times.

 I always try to leave my audience with take-aways rather than just lecturing on what to do. I like to give advice that everyone can use based on their own lifestyle needs. I don't like to lecture, but rather inspire.
Here are a few tips if you are striving to perform beautifully:
*Aim for progress not perfection.
*Love your body not for a number on a scale, but for allowing you to cross finish lines by being healthy and strong.
*Don’t rush life. Every day is worth living.
*Every body is special. Embrace your body and individual needs. Don’t live a strict lifestyle but one of balance, consistency and enjoyment.
*Give yourself a reason to wake up every morning with a can-do attitude.
*Set short and long term realistic goals rather than living a life of regret, failure and obsession. Goals require dedication, energy and passion.
*Recognize your own individual needs based on your current training and lifestyle requirements.
*Be kind to your body so it doesn’t fail you. Thank your body, daily.
*Recognize the rewards of consistent daily exercise. Eat for fuel and for health.
*To perform beautifully, one must be patient. Take pride in the steps that are required to achieve goals in life and find ways to overcome obstacles with beauty, passion and grace.

More to come on how to train smarter......

The media and olympics - RD approved!

Marni Sumbal


 When our society has something like the Olympics to direct our attention to, all we hear about are inspiring stories, motivational performances and exciting moments in history. Although many people may be sitting more than normal (or being a little less productive at work and at home), there is no better time than now than to feel the itch to become something greater than you ever thought was possible.

Did I mention, I LOVE the Olympics? I love bodies in motion!

The interesting part is that there are hardly any commercials on food products, fast food or diets, aside from the notable sponsors like chobani, Coca-cola and subway (and a few alcohol ads which seem to be popping up the most). Right now the media is all about showing commercials involving the many Team USA athletes, who are inspiring spokespersons.

The IOC tell us on their website that they aim “to control sponsorship programs to ensure that partnerships are compatible with the Olympic ideals”.
But here's the catch - with all the TV watching that our society is doing, perhaps we have a little moment in time where the media is not driving our attention to fast foods or grocery store aisles but rather, to be inspired to set goals and to eat for fuel. Althoug there may be food ads on TV during the Olymics, it is a far difference from what we are use to.

Sadly, this will eventually end and social media, the news and every channel on TV will go back to promoting products, diet foods, diet pills, ground-breaking research, good food/bad food and anything and everything to turn around a profit and to help people "get healthy"...and confuse the consumers.

"Focus, discipline, hard work, goal setting and, of course, the thrill of finally achieving your goals. These are all lessons in life."

-- Kristi Yamaguchi, gold medalist in figure skating in 1992

Would it be great if your reason to get out of bed everyday was to become better, smarter and stronger than yesterday? Do you go to bed excited to see what tomorrow will bring? Perhaps, consider spending a bit more time and energy on the "media" that will enhance your lifestyle, rather than the media that often does nothing more than to confuse and overwhelm you, with info as to how you should be living your life.
Let the inspiration continue....

Oakley Women Napa retreat - day 2 and 3 (inside the Culinary Institute of America)

Marni Sumbal

Breakfast on Saturday was yummy (no surprise in Napa) and I enjoyed getting to know the new ambassadors as well as meeting lots of inspiring women.


We arrived to Trefethen Vineyard and split into three groups. We rotated between the Rolling O lab (to learn about the testing and technology of Oakley Sunglasses and why they are the best in the world).....

The yoga/stretching station with Deena and Andrew Kastor and then the Garmin station to learn about our new 210 Garmin watches.

The 5K was beautiful - right between the vines, we ran 3.1 miles and had beautiful scenery along the way. It was warm but I managed to squeeze in a 21 minute (low) 5K and finished 4th. It wasn't a "race" but after 15 hours of traveling on Friday, my legs were ready to RUN!

After the 5K it was time for - more wine. I also had the opportunity to speak with Olympic medalist and Marathon super-star Deena Kastor, and her husband Andrew. Both are super nice!
As you will see - all the women received the Warm Up sunglasses (not released yet) AND ran in them! I love the sleek ear pieces as well as the comfort on my face when running (they don't slip or move)

Also at the 5K, Coola Sunscreen (which is probably the best sunscreen I have ever used - I highly recommend it!) and Zico Pure coconut water provided us with goodies.

When we got back from our morning of activities, we enjoyed a great lunch outside the Silverado resort and had about 30 minutes of "downtime" before our Trek Travel bike tour through Napa Valley.

It was kinda funny because several of us triathletes felt so weird on these bikes...but after a few pedal strokes, it was fun to feel like a kid again on a bicycle.

Our first stop was at Black Stallion. A beautiful winery with an outdoor terrace that had misters which was perfect for our hot afternoon of wine tasting and bike riding. The total bike ride was around 8 miles and each stop was around an hour to ensure plenty of time for multiple tastings of wine. I wouldn't consider myself a wine (or beer) drinker but I made sure to try wine at each of the winery's....and it was all outstanding!

The next winery was Astrale e Terra. I absolutely LOVED this place for the outdoor grass seating and wide open fields of vines. The setting was very relaxing and we all enjoyed lying on the grass, getting to know each other a bit more.


 The final stretch to the last winery was my favorite. Five miles of riding in the Napa Valley on the Silverado Trail. Absolutely beautiful...I didn't want it to end!

Around 5:30pm we arrived at the final winery - Cliff Lede Vineyard. We were served appetizers and, you guessed it, more wine.

We had no idea what to expect for dinner but when we walked into the winery, we were all a bit speechless....well, the heavy drinkers were not so speechless. But - it is an Oakley event and these ladies know how to have a good time. There was lots of cheering during dinner - alongside fantastic food!

The evening ended around 9pm and we headed back to the resort. Although today was an AMAZING day, I could not wait for special Sunday!

On Sunday morning, I went for an early 30 minute run to clear my mind. I needed a little "me" time to prepare myself for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that was awaiting for me around 11:30am.

Around 8:30am, we got into our Toyota Prius's and headed to the cute, beautiful town of Yountville for a sculpting aerobic session with the Tone It Up , Oakley Women ambassadors Katrina and Karena. I learned a lot of new glute exercises (always helpful as a triathlete/runner) and enjoyed an amazing breakfast outside on the lawn.

After a fresh and refreshing breakfast, we had a little free time to explore downtown before heading to the CIA. Appropriately, I met this guy as I was getting more and more excited for what was to come in less than 1 hour!

That's one happy cook!

There are only a handful moments in the life that leave you overwhelmed, excited, proud and thankful - all at once. This happened to be one.

The CIA - Culinary Institute of America - Greystone. WOW - what a treat for all 100 women.

I had a vision of what it would be like to enter this castle but I had absolutely no idea what was waiting for me when I walked inside the door.

So completely overwhelmed with emotions, my eyes teared up and I was speechless.

It was everything I imagined it would be....and more. Stadium seating, TV monitors, a beautiful kitchen, an amazing chef (Sandy), student chefs and a clip-on microphone. For 1 hour - my dream of having my own Food Network show - was coming to life.
A few of the women at Oakley asked me and pro triathlete/model, Jenny Fletcher to do a nutrition workshop. In prep for this workshop, Jenny and I discussed some of our favorite snacks, meals and "sport" foods and I came up with a few "creations" for the CIA staff to tweak to their liking.

I really can't describe what it feels like to see some of my creations come to life in the CIA - but if you are a regular reader of this blog, I'm sure you can imagine my excitement. I couldn't stop smiling.

Chef Sandy was amazing and certainly a pro at what she does. It was so much fun to be able to work alongside her as she was demo-ing the recipes and provide some nutrition-related info and tips for the Oakley Women audience. Each woman received a green fruit smoothie along with Jenny's favorite trail mix of cacoa nibs, almonds and gogi berries. OMG - so good!

I was instantly relaxed after Jenny gave her introduction, as well as her background of turning from a model to a pro triathlete. I shared my philosophy of nutrition which includes three basic concepts: develop a healthy relationship with food and the body, appreciate a nutrient dense, whole-food, plant-strong, balanced diet (aka real food) and reward the body with daily exercise. I made clear that you do not have to be a triathlete or runner to be healthy and that food is for fuel and for health.

Chef Sandy did a great demo of my quinoa stir fry but she spiced it up a bit with red quinoa, fresh vegetables (zucchini, peppe,r, onion and asparagus - cooked in vegetable stock instead of oil) and topped with pistachios and Fromage Blanc cheese.

The group was yumming a lot during the talk (wish there woud be more of that on a daily basis rather than talk of "I shouldn't eat this, this is bad, I feel guilty, etc." and near the end, Chef Sandy, did a demo of cooking fresh salmon in safflower oil and using a crisp leaf of lettuce to hold the salmon and topping it with sprouts and red onion. A beautiful presentation - as every meal should be when we provide our body with nutrient-dense fuel.

Chef Sandy gave a great tip that when coating Kale chips in oil, drizzle the oil on the side of a large glass bowel and then rub the kale leaves along the sides for even distribution. She sprinkled with paprika and a little salt and pepper, and then baked at 250 degrees, for 30 minutes.

Although rude for most talks, I was so surprised when I saw how many tweets and facebook posts I received during my nutrition workshop. I stole a few pics from Twitter and Facebook.
Isn't it so neat that the audience can see on the big screen, what Chef Sandy is preparing! Like a real cooking demo - oh was!! :)

After this life-changing experience, I had a challenging 45-min hike to reflect on this opportunity. I was so thankful for all the nice comments from the crowd which confirmed that I am continuing to provide practical and realistic information to help change the lifestyles of bite at a time.

Nearing the end of Sunday, I couldn't wait to spend a little alone time in my room at the resort, to reflect on today as well as the weekend. Oakley Women has given me several opportunities over the past year to show my passion for living a healthy and active life as well as allowing me to inspire others to perform beautifully.

At the farewell dinner, I had one last chance to network, reflect and enjoy my time with the new ambassadors.

 I appreciate you reading my recap of the event as it was a great weekend, filled with lots of activity, great food and a total appreciation for my only life and confirming my desire to keep my body in good's one last video to recap the event - I love being part of the Oakley Women family!

Oakley Women - Napa retreat Day 1

Marni Sumbal

It's never easy saying good bye to this guy (and the hubby) but I knew a lot of positive energy was waiting for me in Napa.

It wa a looooong day of travel with getting up early (in the middle of the night) to drive to Orlando, to wait in ATL for 5 hours for delays and to battle San Fran rush hour traffic for over two hours to get to the resort....

But - 18 hours later.... I MADE IT!

After checking into my room, I quickly changed and headed to the welcome reception and to see some new and familiar faces.

It was great to meet the new 10 ambassadors for Oakley Women and although only briefly speaking to most of the last night, I know they will bring a lot to their respective communities for they each have a lot to offer in terms of performing beautifully and inspiring the world.

The evening was very inspiring and we were able to preview some awesome items from the 2013 collection. Once again, Oakley Women spared NO expense to create European-inspired gear and stylish yet active shades to make us feel beautifully when we are performing.

When I returned to my room, I had a bag full of clothing and swag from Oakley, Trek, Garmin, Asics, Tone it Up and more...

Although the free swag is great, what I love the most about these events is the energy that I feel from strong, confident women. From people in the fitness industry, to magazine editors/writers to professional athletes and to the Oakley Women crew...there's a lot of doing and very few (if any) excuses when it comes to performing beautifully.

I'm so excited for today - a Garmin and Oakley O lab demo, along with Yoga at Trefethen vineyard. Followed by a 5K run through the vines.
Then a beautiful lunch at the Silverado followed by an entire afternoon of bike riding with Trek Bicycles to 3 different winery's, followed by dinner at our last stop this evening.

So to inspire you to perform beautifully, here's a fantastic video that was shared last night (parts of it) with Oakley Women athlete Lolo Jones who describes her "Beyond Reason".

Performing Beautifully in Napa!

Marni Sumbal

Off I go to Napa for the Oakley Women Fitness Retreat!!
(Silverado Resort)

Over the weekend I will be joining 100 fabulously strong, confident and passionate women for:
A 5K in a vineyard, Trek Winery bike tour, great fresh food, hiking, nutrition seminar at the Culinary Institute (guess who will be doing this!!!), yoga, networking and fun...and testing the 2013 line of Oakley Women clothing and shades.  

When I was picked to be an Oakley Women ambassador in 2011, I won a contest that asked me what it means to "perform beautifully" and how I inspire others to "perform beautifully".  Shortly after finishing my Dietetic Intership I got word about winning this contest wth 9 other amazing girls (Lacey, Amanda, Kim, Katie, Caitlin, Brittany, Deanna, Katie, and Francesca) who are now my close friends who are inspiring the world to live a healthier lifestyle. The best part about this lifetime opportunity last June -I received the most amazing trip to Napa just a few days after passing the RD exam!

It was a great honor to receive the opportunity to return to the Fitness Retreat (this Fri - Mon) as one of three returning 2011-2012 Oakley Women ambassadors to share the Oakley Women love with the NEW 10 amabassadors for 2012-2013!!

Congrats ladies!! Cheers to a weekend of memories and year of performing beautifully!

Charlotte Neitzel
Aj Govoni
 Carly Swanson
Cari Shoemate
Christine Donaldson
Emily Sukiennik
Fitz Koehler
Maria Romaine
Natalia Maldonado
Page Williams

Stay tuned to the blog over the next few days as well as Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition (Facebook) for lots of updates. and pics My nutrition seminar and cooking demo at the Culinary Institute is on Sunday.....who thinks I am a bit super excited for this opportunity!?!?!?


Marni Sumbal

First off, a huge congrats to anyone who raced this past week. I always want to make a BIG shout-out to all the Jacksonville, FL athletes who raced!! We have a super fast, strong and competitive group here in Jacksonville and with several podium finishes at NOLA 70.3 and several other notable accomplishments among athletes in the past few months of racing, I am so lucky to be part of such a BIG running and triathlon community here in Jacksonville. Way to go Jax athletes!!!

Well, it took 3 full day but I can finally roll my quads on the foam roller without screaming...too loud :) My piriformis (aka - butt) has been rolled with my TP massage ball at least 2-3 times a day (morning, late afternoon/early evening, before bed) to prevent any residual tightness/restrictions in my glutes. As for the rest of my recovery - loving it all besides not being able to walk down stairs at the hospital on Mon. Ok - maybe I did oddly love that a little bit. Monday was a day off as my main focus was on sleep which is always hard after a race. I was tossing and turning all night, too exhausted to fall asleep and then waking up every few hours during the night. By 4:15am I had enough and came downstairs to do some computer work. Campy has enjoyed his slow walks but he is craving a run, just like his mommy. But, we both know not to rush this process for I wouldn't gain anything out of a run right now and I will continue to respect my body as it heals and grows stronger. For I can do other things with my sore body, so to speed up the healing process, I swam 3000 yrds nice and easy on Tues (which I was more sore Tues than Mon) and on Wed, I did a few light hip exercises to loosen me up at the Y and followed that with a 4000 yrd swim (typically Wed yardage for me). Thursday - finally back on my bike as I have missed it so very much. This week is all about unstructured exercise - not "training". Just keep the body moving whether it is swim and bike or elliptical and walking. I will see how my body feels this weekend for my legs may want to run on Sat or Sun. Starting Monday....5 weeks until the Rock n RollMan Half Ironman in Macon, GA. This will be my third year racing this incredibly challenging and hot course and I will be racing in the Elite wave....certainly out of my comfort zone but that's racing.

I can't get enough of this little it possible to have too many pics of Campy??

Dinner on Monday night.....YUM-O!
Tempeh Buitoni shells (Karel loves these) Broccoli Black beans (canned - rinsed and drained) Green pepper Artichokes (jar - rinsed and drained) Garlic Onions Sunflower oil
1. Cook tempeh in sunflower oil until slightly golden brown, on medium heat.
  2. Add cooked broccoli, green pepper, artichokes, onions and chopped garlic.
3. Cook beans until soft (1-2 minutes in microwave)
4. Assemble plate - eat up!

Here is a great video that was captured during my last Oakley Women product testing trip, in Laguna Beach.


And another great one on Oakley O form.....if you are an athlete, your choice of clothing is super important!

If you are in town, I'll be speaking at the upcoming Hammer Head Triathlon Club meeting on May 2nd (Wed) at 6:15pm at the Trek Bicycle Store (San Jose Location) - Check out my website, under the Recent News and Events section for the flyer. I have SO many raffle items (Oakley, 110%, CEP, Hammer) it is necessary that you come if you want to have a chance to win some amazing products from some of my favorite companies!

  I am so lucky to be in a profession where I can help people reach goals. It motivates me to "practice what I preach" but also to live a life that may inspire others. Over the past year, I have embraced the topics of intuitive and mindful eating. Particularly, have I learned a lot from my mentors at Preferred Nutrition, who specialize in a treating individuals with eating disorders, by using a team approach along side motivational interviewing. As a Registered Dietitian, I am required to keep up with my CEU's and in doing that, I enjoy watching webinars whenever possible. I try to find topics that are semi-familiar to me, that I can relate to or that I feel will help others. The past two webinars were incredible. The first one was on Intuitive eating and the second one was on Intuitive eating for diabetics. Absolutely life-changing - that is, if you want to try something so simple, that may change your life. Although I say simple, we all know that changing habits is hard. But it is strange that when you live a balanced life all while keeping a healthy relationship with food, exercise and the body, it feels good....almost un-natural considering that many people feel as if hunger, low blood sugar, fatigue, extreme soreness and pain (in any form) are expected when reaching body composition or performance goals. Um....I don't think so! How about feeling energized, healthy, happy and balanced with a new way of living life. In the last webinar, the presenter said something so incredible that will stick with me forever "It's OK to feel hungry. The idea is that when you finish eating, you should feel better than when you started." Those words are so beautiful, especially for those who commonly say "I shouldn't have eaten all that, I shouldn't have eaten that, I feel so full, I feel so bad now, I really messed up...." It's not about being perfect, make some progress with what you are doing by associating that "feeling" after you eat to the desire and want to change how you eat and most importantly, how you plan your meals and snacks to maintain stable blood sugar (eat when you are hungry or to prevent a dip in blood sugar) and to fuel and recover from activity (never neglect sport nutrition in order to control calories!). I invite you to check out these 10 principles on intuitive eating.

And lastly, I had the opportunity to contribute an article on the 110% Play Harder blog....feel free to check it out HERE as well as several other good reads.

Oakley Women Sunglass review

Marni Sumbal

In case you missed it, Oakley Women is launching another Oakley Women "perform beautifully" contest. Check it out @Oakleywomen on facebook for more details. While you are on facebook, don't forget to LIKE my Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition page for updates on reseach, motivational quotes, cute pics of Campy and lots of other tips and suggestions.

If you feel you perform beautifully on a daily basis, be sure to submit your entry for a chance to win an amazing, once in a lifetime trip to Napa Valley and a year full of fabulous swag on the perform beautifully page from Oakley Women facebook.

As you may know, I am a long-time Oakley Sunglass wearer. Karel introduced me to Oakley the minute we met..okay, maybe a few days later, and I was hooked. Having a chance to be an Oakley ambassador has been absolutely amazing as I have had so many opportunities to learn about the sunglasses and the importance of quality in the Oakley line of glasses and gear.

I had one pair of Tifosi sunglasses when I met Karel and of course they were pink. They were also cheap and who knows about the research behind Tifosi if they were safe for my eyes and skin from sun damage, if they could withstand my active lifestyle and if they could hold up during my Ironman training. Once I tried on my new pair of Oakley's (which were also Pink - Half Jackets), I was in love and never once went back to any other pair of sunglasses.

Many women choose sunglasses for a logo or a name or perhaps the style. Once thing that scares athletic/active women is breaking their sunglasses while exercising or training.

Let me tell you something...Karel has been involved in many crashes as a cyclist and not one pair of Oakley's have been affected in a crash. Karel, on the other hand, has had his experiences with some major road rash but the Oakley's were always A-ok.

One thing that may surprise you with Oakley sunglasses is that they won't slip off your face or move. They are comfortable and not tight around the ears. Depending on the style and your face, I have had great success with my glasses being able to fit under visors/hats as well as fitting comfortably around my ears with a biking helmet or aero helmet.

Testimonial...I have worn three different pairs of Oakley's in my last 4 Ironman races and training....
Half Jackets


KONA #2 (2011)

I wanted to share some of my favorites with you as I have received many emails over the past few months, mostly from active women (and men) who are seeking a new pair of sunglasses. Most people tell me they are ready to spend the money on Oakley's but in my mind, why not spend the money on something of great quality, made in the US and to fit your active lifestyle?
Here's a bit about the sunglases from the
Oakley Women website:
All lenses are made with High Definition Optics® (HDO®); for clarity and impact resistance that meets ANSI Z87.1 standards. The contours of 8.75 base lens curvature extend peripheral vision and improve side protection, and our Plutonite® lens material stops all UV cold. We enhance every lens with a permanent coating called Oakley Hydrophobic™, a marvel of science that repels dust while maintaining a smudge-resistant barrier against skin oils, finger prints, lotions and sunscreens and even repels water to prevent streaks and sheens from corrupting your vision.

If you manage to get hold of this coveted design, the first thing you’ll notice is the low weight. Our stress-resistant O Matter® frame material makes it possible. Slide the sunglass on and you’ll feel a Three-Point Fit that touches only the sides of your head and the bridge of your nose, and does so with Unobtainium® components that increase grip with perspiration. The geometry is optimized for women, so don’t be surprised if Commit fits and feels better than any sunglass you’ve ever worn.
•Optimized peripheral vision and side protection of 8.75 base lens curvature
•Comes standard with Oakley Hydrophobic™/Oleophobic anti-smudge lens coating on all lens options
•Comfort and performance of Three-Point Fit that holds lenses in precise optical alignment
•Optical precision, performance and impact resistance that meets ANSI Z87.1 standards
•UV protection of Plutonite® lens that filters out 100% of UVA/ UVB/ UVC & harmful blue light up to 400nm
•Glare reduction and tuned light transmission of Iridium® lens coating
•Interchangeable lenses to optimize performance in any environment
•Available with Oakley prescription lenses
•Durability and all-day comfort of lightweight, stress-resistant O Matter® frame material
•Patented hydrophilic Unobtainium® earsocks and nosepads ensure a snug, secure fit, and increase grip with perspiration
•True sports performance frame optimized for Women’s fit
•Metal icon accents
•Protective sports-specific Oakley Soft Vault included with capacity for extra lenses

(Wondering if you need polarized glasses? I learned the polarized glasses are mainly to reduce glare...not for enhanced clarity. So unless you are going to wear your glasses near wet areas/surfaces, this is not a necessary feature. However, it's all about personal preference as many people do like the polarized look through the lenses. Also, Oakley makes prescription glasses for all styles so this may be something you would like to consider. If you have questions regarding prescription glasses, let me know. My dad is an eye doc and has a pair of Oakley prescription glases and uses them for running and for day wear).

Now, I realize that is a lot of info so here are a few of my favs to help you find the best pair of glasses to fit your needs.


-For a sporty look to fit your active lifestyle. I don't find these comfortable to train in so I would recommend these for showing off your active lifestyle without having to do much activity in them. My face is small so perhaps these glasses may work for you if you want to run in them.


-If you want a stylish pair of glasses for running, I HIGHLY recommend the Drizzles! MY absolute FAVORITE pair of stylish glasses and YES, you can train in these for running! I also like the Overtime as both glasses will NOT slip off your face! I even did Yoga in both pairs of glasses and they never moved. Super comfortable for my small face.

MISS CONDUCT - Team USA edition

-I have not tried out MISS CONDUCT but my Oakley ambassador friends LOVE LOVE LOVE these glasses. They say they are perfect for all activities. I am just in love with the Team USA look...I can't wait to get a pair of these on my face!

Going back to the idea of breaking your sunglasses or messing them up when training....let me tell you something about Oakley.
This isn't a company that makes gear for the sedentary. Oakley knows how active you are, whether you are a triathlete, runner or cyclist or just enjoy yoga or playing outside with your kids. Field tested, laboratory tested and heavily researched, Oakley doesn't mess around when it comes to making sure the sunglasses that you are wearing support your active lifestyle.

Consider this..
Many cyclists wear Oakley. You see them on Tours on TV and in magazines, they love Oakley's. Imagine racing your bike for 5,6 or 7 hours, day after day. If you have a pair of sunglasses that is not of good quality, bring on the headaches, eye/brain fatigue and pressure in the head..all due to poor quality sunglasses.
From an Ironman perspective, I figure on race day I am wearing my Oakley's for about 10 hours straight. From around 8:05am until 5:00pm, I am wearing sunglasses on my face, in addition to a helmet and then a visor. That's a long time to wear sunglasses. Again, a lot can happen in 10 hours and in addition to safety for my eyes, if a pair of sunglasses is causing me pain or discomfort, how can I focus on my race?
Here are a few of my favorite sunglasses...

Half Jacket

Flak Jacket

-I have experience wearing the Half Jackets. To me, the difference is the lens. With my small face, I really like the shape of the lens as it doesn't hit my face, around my cheeks. Oakley has worked really hard thanks to feedback from consumers, on their ear and nose pieces and thankfully, no more hair catching or rough edges. I also like that I can change my lenses for any Oakley's. Karel is a fan of Jawbone and he is constantly changing the lenses, especially for evening riding (clear lenses) or morning racing/training. I feel the Flak jacket and Half Jacket give an athlete a very sporty look, screaming "competitive" but also confidence and the ability to succeed.


-Now these scream competitive and that is what I LOVE about them. Karel got me these about two years ago and he told me these were my racing glasses. Something about these glasses just yell "I'm ready for action!" I love that Oakley glasses have a flavor to them that not only fit your needs but also your style. Whereas some women may prefer the Drizzles for a running race, there are others who may want a flashy sunglass like the Radar's. Whatever your style, that's what works for you. The idea is that you are paying for quality and that it enhances your lifestyle.


-By far, this is my favorite pair! I have two pairs (brown and white) and would LOVE to get my hands on the Team USA special edition. For my small face, this pair fits me the best and often I have to touch my face when training, just to make sure they are still on. Oakley lenses do not fog up so the lenses are always clear. The glasses are super light which is great for when I am doing a long training workout. Also, the ear pieces are firm so they don't move on your face but do not cause any extra pressure. Really, these are my absolute favorite and no matter what time I am training, I wear my Commit sunglasses. They also have a little bit of style to them so for someone who is wanting a pair to wear in training and for daily lifestyle, I would say that you could certainly pull off the brown or white pair of Commit.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the sunglases that Oakley has to offer, where to buy or any other concerns that you may have.

Thanks for reading!

Oakley Women Laguna Retreat - Oakley Headquarters

Marni Sumbal

Perhaps you don't expect a metal spike to drop directly on your eye, but how many times have you been hit by a small object when running, biking, walking or driving? You only have two eyes and although accidents happen (to some people more than others), there's absolutely no reason that any active individual should be saying the following "Sunglasses are too expensive". More so, if you find yourself spending money on glasses that are not Oakley, I highly encourage you to do some research as to how the company spends their money in terms of design, product development, testing and customer service.

Testimonial: Karel has crashed many times in cycling and mountain biking races and never has he broken a pair of Oakley's. Karel has been wearing Oakley glasses and gear for over 12 years. Sadly, back in Czech Republic, Karel had a major surgery when he was a teenager when he was riding his bike, showing off his skills on a bike ramp. Karel overshot the ramp and ended up in the hospital with his eye, ear and side of his face in need of major surgery. Now a day, Karel and myself never leave home without our glasses.

When I took my first trip to Napa Valley, with Oakley Women, I had the opportunity to tour the Rolling O lab. If you ever get a chance to tour the O lab, I HIGHLY recommend this life-changing tour...well, life-changing in terms of what glasses you choose for both lifestyle and athletic wear.

Having had the opportunity to learn a wealth of information from Oakley, specifically in terms of anti-bacterial clothing (beyond just "wicking), UV-A, UV-B and UV-C protection in gear, purpose of polarized vs non polarized glasses, quality of glasses to avoid slipping, headaches and to provide total clarity and comfort when wearing them, I have also had the opportunity to wear many different types of glasses on a daily basis. What's great about being an Oakley Women ambassador is that the Oakley Women line of active and stylish clothing is new, so they want our feedback. In terms of the glasses, we all know that one size doesn't fit all so for someone like me who is seeks a more sporty pair of glasses on my small face, will differ from someone who wants a more stylish pair of glasses. But the idea is that no matter what style of glasses, article of clothing or gender (male or female), Oakley is more than just a's a lifestyle.

I will be blogging more often on my feedback/testimonials with the

Oakley Women line of clothing and sunglasses so for the ladies, if you have any questions on specific glasses or clothing, please let me know. For the guys, if you have any questions, please let me know and I will do my best to answer or I can relay your message to my contacts at Oakley.

I can't say it enough but Oakley is a family and it is amazing to feel the energy around other like-minded individuals.

On the last day of our retreat, the time FINALLY came and all of us 10 ambassadors were grinning like little kids, excited to head to the Oakley headquarters in Orange County, California.

According to the Oakley website:

Based in Orange County, California, our 600,000-square-foot headquarters is a statement for all things innovative. Everything we produce, we design here. Most innovations we produce are manufactured here. Our headquarters is home to creative people who find equal time for work and play. Sports and Mad Science define our culture, and our employees live both every day. We open our doors to people who embrace work and life with equal passion.

Entering the Oakley headquarters....
(I wasn't allowed to take pics in the testing rooms or manufacturing section. However, I can say that these places were amazing and HUGE! I also didn't take pics of the dogs that are allowed to go to work with their owners, as well as the cubicles that look like a high schooler's locker...covered in everything "athletic". The dress is casual and several dozen employees have been with Oakley for over 20 years. I guess it's hard to leave a company that treats its employees like family)