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Greenville, SC

Trimarni is place where athletes and fitness enthusiasts receive motivation, inspiration, education, counseling and coaching in the areas of nutrition, fitness, health, sport nutrition, training and life.

We emphasize a real food diet and our coaching philosophy is simple: Train hard, recover harder. No junk miles but instead, respect for your amazing body. Every time you move your body you do so with a purpose. Our services are designed with your goals in mind so that you can live an active and healthy, balanced lifestyle.




Marni and Karel are a husband and wife team who specialize in endurance coaching. They are dedicated to helping newbie, experienced, elite and professional athletes maximize sport performance. 
Between them both, they have successfully finished 17 Ironman triathlons and have competed in the Ironman World Championship six times. 
Marni is a board certified dietitian with a Master of Science in exercise physiology. She specializes in endurance triathlon coaching and nutrition, race planning and execution, individualized sport nutrition, training and racing fueling and hydrating planning, nutritious daily eating, plant strong diets, body composition changes and helping athletes improve their relationship with food and body image.
She is also a qualified speaker and experienced writer.

Karel is a skilled bike mechanic with a precise eye for detail. He has decades of experience in the bike industry. Karel is an experienced RETUL bike fitter and provides a wealth of knowledge to age group and professional athletes in the areas of triathlon training and racing, cycling skills, equipment/gear choices and appropriate bike fits.
As a former cat 1 cyclist, with no swimming or running background, Karel is now an accomplished endurance triathlete. 

As elite athletes, Marni and Karel bring years of practice, education and skills in their own athletic careers and apply that experience and knowledge to athletes of all levels.


Trimarni philosophy:
Our goal is to help athletes reach performance goals without compromising health.
We incorporate scientific research with practical ideologies and apply to real world settings so that we can take your training and racing to the next level.
Let us help you perform at your best by giving you the individual and personalized services that you and your body deserve. 



Here's how: 
-Sport nutrition consultation services
-Daily nutrition consultation services
-Coaching - one-on-one, educational team, pre-built plan
-RETUL bike fit
-Group training camps
-Private training camps



Click here to learn more about our camps. They offer the perfect mix of training, skill focus, education and fun.  Check out our 2017 available camps - be sure to sign up quickly as they will fill up!

All Trimarni camps are open to the public. You do not have to be a Trimarni athlete to attend a Trimarni camp. If you work with another coach, we would be happy to speak to your coach before/after the camp to ensure that your needs are met. We also welcome other coaches (who are athletes) to attend our camps to learn from us.

There will always be a max limit at our camps for safety reasons and to ensure the best possible one-on-one experience for our campers. Trimarni coaching athletes will not only receive a camp discount but will also get first priority for camp sign-up. 
Expect all Trimarni camps to sell out quickly so be sure to purchase when they come available, early this fall. 


Trimarni coaching and nutrition offers a wide range of nutrition, coaching and cycling services. Our services are designed to help you live a more healthy and active lifestyle as you work to reach your goals. If you don’t see a service that interests you, contact us to create your own personalized service. 


A private training camp is the perfect option for the athlete who needs specific attention and wants to become a smarter, fitter and stronger athlete. 

If you, or a small group of friends, are looking for an incredible training experience in Greenville, SC., let us help you plan the perfect train-cation near the mountains. We will address your specific needs to create the perfect training experience.

Private training is an efficient, valuable and informative solution for the athlete who has specific limiters which are preventing consistency in training or keeping you from getting to the next level with your fitness. 

We welcome athletes of all levels and the camp structure is based on your needs. Whether you work with another coach and you simply want some one-on-one skill work, nutrition help and a bike fit or you want to experience our challenging, yet beautiful, terrain, we would love to work with you. 

We can build your confidence while cycling - descending, climbing, cornering, riding in the wind. 
We can build your skills while swimming - 
strengthen your skills for open water
We can build your running resilience - climbing and descending hills, learning how to run more economical off the bike

We will also address the following at your private training camp:
-Sport nutrition
-Daily nutrition
-RETUL fit
-Skill work - swim, bike, run, transitions, race pacing/planning
-Intentional training overload (2.5-4 day camp)

Are you ready for an incredible training experience in Greenville? 

Contact us for our next availability and pricing.


"I was a fan of Marni and Karel from following Marni's blog and reached out to them last year regarding a training plan.  I couldn't have been happier.  First, they took a lot of time to discuss the options with me--something they didn’t have to do as I was not a coached athlete nor had I purchased the plan.  Second, once I decided to purchase the half IM plan, knowing the timing of my race, Marni emailed me to ask if it was okay if she wrote in a few more weeks so the timing worked better with my races (at no extra cost).  All that is nice, but did it work?  Definitely, 22 minute PR and hit my goal for my HIM.  Marni and Karel know and love the sport and it shows in all their interactions with athletes--so pleased that I am now a one-on-one coached athlete in 2016!!" -- Richie Favata

" Marni is always eager to help and her positive energy is contagious. Marni is truly a blessing in my life and I am so grateful to have her as my coach."
-- Cindy Stellmach

"I signed up for my first ironman and needed a solid plan.  In an attempt to improve on my bike, I purchased the Trimarni bike workout plan (I love training on the trainer during the week). I then received an email from Marni asking about my goals - and that was the start of the many conversations we were to have the next few months leading up to my race.  After my first phone call with Marni, I wished that she had one more space to coach an athlete...but since she didn't, I settled for the Ironman Plan and some phone consultations.  What Marni gave me was so much more than what I paid for - she gave me a solid training plan, guided me to choose the races I needed to do prior, and more importantly, the confidence that I can finish an ironman.  Through her plan, I was able to focus on training "smart" - I was able to dial-in my nutrition, stay healthy, and more importantly, be confident and strong up until and during race day.  She helped me finish the race, while having the best time I have ever had!  Marni and Karel are the best at what they do and won't hesitate to recommend them to people I know.  If you want result, there's no need to look further!I PR'd the olympic distance by 30 minutes and finished my first ironman.  More importantly, I was healthy and injury free all season". - Angelie Janseen

My transition to Trimarni coaching was super.  Marni and Karel assessed my fitness, assisted me with an annual training / race calendar and then discussed with me how we would progress with training and racing for my first year training with Trimarni.  Very impressed with their one on one coaching.  Always available to discuss my training needs and very helpful in taking me to that next level of my performance. Karel is great.  His cycle background helped me understand the bike portion of triathlon racing.  I have made enormous improvements on the bike. If you want the best bike fit, make an appointment with Karel.  He fine tuned my bike position using his vast experience as a cyclist and bike expert.  You know you are in great hands when you see Karel fitting professional athletes.  I am riding stronger than ever.  Marni's and Karel improved my running.  I came to Trimarni Coaching with a nagging injury/limitation to my run performance.  With their help, I smartly healed from the run injury and my run training progressed and now I am running stronger than ever.  
Trimarni camps are great.  Specific detailed camp schedules are provided to the campers.  Successful athletes/speakers brought into camp to expand your knowledge as a triathlete.  Yes, strong tough well thought out training with an explanation of the training methods.  It is great to meet so many like minded triathletes at the Trimarni Camps.  I look forward to finishing off my 2nd season with Trimarni and continuing on for a great 2017 as a Trimarni athlete." -- Jim Nitz

I purchased a TriMarni prebuilt Ironman plan to get ready for my first Ironman. As I used the plan, I felt more and more prepared and ready both physically and mentally to have a great race day experience. I loved the addition of the strength plan as well. It helped me feel strong and durable, solid and ready for race day. Marni and Karel were great to work with and very knowledgeable! And now I am a Trimarni one-on-one athlete and learning how to train and race to my full potential." - Lisa Comer

"I approached Marni for some help with my fueling strategy for long course triathlon. I knew that I didn't have a repeatable approach and I needed something to practice in training and further test out at Ironman Mont Tremblant. I now have a detailed plan that Marni developed that supported my efforts to a Full distance personal record and left me feeling great at the finish line. The smile and the happy stomach are all the proof I need that this strategy gives me an incredible foundation to build upon.  Thanks for the brilliant help!" - Dr. Christopher Morales, PT, ATC/L

"Six weeks from my Ironman race, I decided to obtain a new or better way to fuel my body for training/racing and needed help with my issue with cramping. So, I signed up to use Trimarni One Hour Consult and Race week Nutrition Service. With my limited time with Marni, she quickly provided me with a detailed nutrition plan, she assessed my current nutrition plan and gave me useful tips on hydration, nutrition, and recovery. I found her to be a very knowledgeable and inspiring person. Her race week nutrition plan was very detailed, but easy to follow and now I'm more knowledgeable and have a solid platform for future training/racing. I believe with her invaluable help, I was able to accomplish my goal- PR for my iroman race. For those who want to finish well, I highly recommend using Marni services." -- Larry O'Rourke


More Testimonials

If you have a PERFORMANCE or nutrition goal
LET Trimarni COACHING AND NUTRITION help you reach it.



BEcause we want YOu to be part of our TRIMARNI team!


1) One-on-one athlete - December start date, billed per month, full season committment. Learn more about our coaching options HERE Price: $150-$300/month

2) Educational Team - 3-month minimum, billed per month, receive weekly educational handouts and videos, email questions anytime and receive Trimarni educational content for non-stop learning throughout the season. $50/month

3) Pre-built training plans - Price: $67-$220