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Our goal is to help athletes reach performance goals while keeping the body in the best health possible.
We train in a way that provides optimal performance gains with the least amount of training stress. 


Our philosophy is simple:
Eat well, fuel smart, stay mentally strong, train hard, recover a lot and execute on race day. We believe in a real food diet to keep the body nourished and we value the importance of nutrient timing and the proper use of sport nutrition to support the training load. 
Our coaching and nutrition services are designed with your performance goals and health in mind so that you can reach your goals all while living a balanced, healthy and active lifestyle.


TRimarni IS ACCEPTING APPLICATION for the 2016 team

Click Here to see the plans and sign up


Click here to learn more about our camps. They offer the right mix of training, information, and fun.  Stay tuned for the calendar of 2016 Trimarni camps. 


Trimarni offers several services in the areas of personal fitness, health, body composition and performance. Our services are designed to help you live a more healthy and active lifestyle while moving you closer to your goals. If you don’t see a service that interests you, contact us to create your own personalized service.


"... Marni has motivated me to dream big. She lives by that example and has given me tools not only to race and eat effectively, but to have a few PR's in the process. I couldn't have done it without her thoughtfulness, knowledge, and positive energy."
-- Sara Lane

" Marni is always eager to help and her positive energy is contagious. Marni is truly a blessing in my life and I am so grateful to have her as my coach."
-- Cindy Stellmach

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Interested in being part of the 2016 Trimarni Coaching Team?

We take pride in treating every one of our coaching athletes as individuals, each with a personalized training plan. It is our goal to help you train smart so that by race day, you have the skills, fitness and mental strength to execute with a healthy and well-fueled body. We never want you to feel as if training takes over your life but instead, is part of your lifestyle.

As recent 2015 Ironman World Championship qualifiers, we understand what is required to be in the best shape possible by race day and to be able to execute with a healthy body on race day. No matter what level athlete you are, we want to be part of your training and racing journey! .

Solestar now on sale!

Solestar - The new level of cycling insoles. Trimarni is now a Solestar dealer

Solestar - The new level of cycling insoles. Trimarni is now a Solestar dealer

If you have a PERFORMANCE or nutrition goal
LET Trimarni COACHING AND NUTRITION help you reach it.